American Dream Essay: Example and Tips

Example of Introduction to the American Dream Essay

American Dream is perhaps one of the most common expressions in the world, people in any part of the world are familiar with this concept, even if they have never been to America. Everyone is striving to make this dream come true in America, both migrants and indigenous people. The expression “American dream” represents much more than just some material values.

So what is the American Dream? This is the prevalent doctrine in the United States, according to which any citizen of the USA who lives either legally or illegally on the territory of the country, has the opportunity to achieve fame, success and prosperity.

First Part of Body of American Dream Essay Example. History of the Concept

Expression “American dream” is understood as a general social doctrine of the United States (sometimes even a kind of ideology), which brings together Americans and immigrants in the search for happiness and well-being. This ideology is based on the belief that any person living in the United States of America can achieve success in life and become a wealthy member of society if he realizes his energy and diligence. Almost every new President of the United States in his inaugural speech notes that during his presidency every American will become closer to his American dream.

According to some skeptics, the ideology of the American dream can be considered a social utopia. Nevertheless, it remains one of the main driving forces of migration in the United States. This can be proved by a concrete example. In this case, we can give an example of US President Barack Obama. He was born in the family of migrants from Africa, but thanks to his perseverance and diligence he received an excellent education, a highly paid job and, as a result, a top position in the United States.

The very history of the formation of the United States, a variety of nationalities and races inhabiting the territory of the American continent, and a relatively small segment of their history “symbiosis” caused the urgent need to formulate a common ideology that could unite people from different countries into a single nation. The “American dream” has become such an ideology. It was cultivated for many decades and gave every person the belief in the opportunity to achieve success and even become the president of the United States.

Second Part of Body of American Dream Essay Example. Defining the Concept

The expression “American dream” in many cases is used to outline the vital material and spiritual ideals of the American population. In the “Political Dictionary” by William Safire (1993), it is noted that the American dream is the ideal of freedom or opportunity that was defined by the founding fathers, the spiritual power of the American nation. American dream is the soul of American politics.

What are the main elements of the American dream? Let’s list them:

  • conscientious work and self-realization (self-made person)
  • freedom of entrepreneurship
  • social responsibility
  • respect for fellow citizens
  • enhancing the reputation and role in society

All spheres of the life of the US society are imbued with the American dream. It even received its reflection in the legislation of the USA. So, even the US Declaration of Independence says that everyone’s life must be better, richer and fuller, with opportunities for everyone in accordance with his abilities or achievements – regardless of social class or birth circumstances.

However, the American dream gives not only opportunities, but also imposes responsibility. This equality is not only the ability to achieve the success of all people without exception, but also the equality of people before the law, regardless of race, nationality, gender and social status, it is also respect for common US achievements and symbols.

Third Part of American Dream Essay Example. People’s Opinions About the American Dream

As can be seen from the above, it is difficult to define the expression “American dream” and today there is no common opinion on how to formulate it. The reason for this is that different people include absolutely different meanings in its understanding. After all, a dream is subjective in its nature.

Typically, the American dream is perceived as the highest ideal of existence in the United States, when you have your own house, a car, a happy family and a stable job, which brings opportunity of decent existence and implementation of revenue ideas. For other people, the American dream is an opportunity to become successful, rich and famous. In any case, the expression of the American dream, other than the above, is understood as the right of every person who has a job for career growth, and also confidence in his own future.

In my opinion, the American dream means believing that any person with sufficient degree of diligence, talent and perseverance can reach to the top of society. And no matter whether you were born in a family of millionaires or in a poor neighborhood, everyone has a chance.

Historian and writer James T. Adams in 1931 popularized the expression of the American dream in the book called “Epic of America”. He described the American dream in the United States on the basis of the values ​​set forth in the Declaration of Independence, the fundamental document of our country. The book was published during the Great Depression of the United States. At that time, the US needed to build more, create something new, in order to reduce the number of unemployed, homeless and unfortunate people. That was a truly bad time of our nation. Thus, the ideology of achieving success and prosperity through labor has become the main engine of the US economy. This ultimately allowed to reduce the consequences of the economic crisis and to move to the next stage of development of our great country.

Fourth Part of American Dream Essay Example. American Dream and Migrants

The Statue of Liberty was and remains one of the symbols of the American dream in the USA. It embodies the American dream and new opportunities for those who come to the country for the first time to live here and build their future on the new land. Historically, it welcomed migrants arriving in New York from Europe in search for better and more dignified life. It proclaimed that freedom will raise you, and diligence will illuminate the path to success.

The postulates of the all-American dream relied on the confidence of the newcomers that the resources of the New World are endless and belong to everyone equally, that a person leaves any hierarchical dependence in the Old World, that the chances of achieving happiness, the right to which everyone recognizes, are also equal for all and depend only on personal qualities.

Migrants from Europe left the Old World in search of the best, hoping to escape from the hierarchical, class system, which limited social mobility. Getting into the USA such people became the most ardent adherents of freedom and equality, real patriots of the USA, where they got boundless opportunities for realizing their opportunities. They were actively involved in the development of civil society and political institutions. They, like no one else, appreciated all the blessings of the new world.

People who have received open opportunities to realize themselves begin to form an ideology of American patriotism, according to which you should be proud of the US – a state that has provided a person with all available freedoms and opportunities. A large role in the formation of the American dream was played by Protestant religion and Protestant labor ethics. Protestantism, which was the dominant religion in the United States, preaches conscientious and honest labor and diligence to achieve goals. The increase in the well-being of a person who works honestly is also considered a boon.

Example of Conclusion to the American Dream Essay

The concept of the American dream is rather subjective. Each person includes something of his own into this concept, his values, needs, aspirations and ideals. To achieve success in what you are doing – this is the achievement of the American dream. You want to be an actor – believe in yourself, do your favorite thing, learn and achieve success. You want to work on Wall Street – everything is in your hands.

I’m proud to be an American! I believe that I have every chance to become successful and pursue my American dream!