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When you might need thesis writing help

We provide qualified thesis writing service at any stage and level of difficulty. Typically, the process of writing a thesis includes several stages:

І. Organizational and preparatory stage, which includes choosing the scientific adviser, drawing up of a schedule, choice and justification of the topic of the thesis, definition and adjustment of the structure of future paper, drafting and approval of the plan.

The choice of the topic, obviously, is the most crucial stage in the activity of the graduate student or applicant. He determines the future activity of a man for life and in a certain way determines the result of the thesis research. Practice shows that correct choice of a topic is half to ensure its successful implementation. Therefore, we offer you services of thesis helper with the choice of thesis topic.

From the very beginning of the work, the applicant must have a dissertation plan, at least initial, the o e that it will be corrected many times. The working plan of the dissertation helps the author to find his supervisor. The duties of the scientific supervisor include work on compiling a calendar schedule for the work of the applicant. In addition, the supervisor helps with the following:

  • Recommends the necessary literature, reference, archival and statistical materials and other sources on the topic;
  • Conducts systematically scheduled meetings and consultations;
  • Assesses the content of the completed thesis, both in parts and in general;
  • Provides scientific and methodological assistance;
  • Gives consent to the submission of the thesis for defense.

Consequently, the supervisor systematically monitors the performance of work, makes the necessary adjustments, gives recommendations on the appropriateness of making a decision, and also makes a conclusion on the readiness of the work.

Acquaintance with the scientific works published on the topic of the thesis begins immediately after the development of the idea. In this case, idea is the concept of scientific research finds its reflection in the theme and work plan of the thesis. Such a statement of the case makes it possible to search literature sources on the chosen topic more expediently and to better process the material published by other scientists.

ІІ. The stage of writing the thesis, which includes:

  • selection and approval of the volume and structure of thesis,
  • writing of the introduction, the chapters of thesis,
  • statistical analysis of the results of the empirical study,
  • writing of thesis,
  • correction made on the basis of the recommendations of the supervisor,
  • writing of the author’s abstract,
  • scientific articles for scientific journals,
  • reports for scientific conferences,
  • process of approbation of the results obtained.

III. The stage of preparation of the procedure of protection, which includes:

  • presentation of the work to the scientific supervisor,
  • obtaining admission from the supervisor to the preliminary defense,
  • reviewing the work by reviewers,
  • receiving feedback from the supervisor and reviewers,
  • preparing a report,
  • presentation for preliminary defense,
  • finalizing thesis on the result of preliminary protection.

IV. The stage of protection includes preliminary examination, the process of protection.

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