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Any paper written from the scratch needs editing and proofreading activities to ensure the high quality of the essay and to avoid errors being made in the course of the essay. At the same time, often people mix up editing and proofreading being unable the latter from the former. However, there is substantial difference between editing and proofreading. Editing focuses on the organization and style of the paper above all to identify the major pitfalls and drawbacks in the organization of the essay, style, word choice and related issues. In such a way, editing focuses on the proper organization of the essay to avoid unnecessary parts, run-on sentences and other issues that make the essay difficult to read and comprehend.

In contrast, proofreading refers to mechanical errors, grammar, errors, spelling, punctuation errors and related issues that affect the mechanics of writing. Proofreading aims at the elimination of mechanical errors that occur in the text of the essay. Proofreading is extremely important because simple errors or just typos may spoil the best paper because readers will shape a negative view of the writer, even if the essay contains many noteworthy ideas and provides readers with food for thought. Even the ideally structured paper may be spoiled by simple errors, if the writer fails to proofread the essay.

Recommendations on how to edit a paper to make it much better

Editing a paper is not as easy as one may think. Editing is a very responsible process that involves the detailed and thorough analysis of the completed paper to determine the overall style of the paper, its organization, structure and flow. In this regard, it is possible to distinguish several steps in the editing process. First, editing involves thoughtful re-reading of the completed essay to identify obvious drawbacks in the organization of the essay and its structure or style. Second, editing involves the identification of the main points the author attempts to convey to the audience. In this regard, the introduction should have the clear and concise thesis statement or the main point that describes the main theme of the essay and suggests basic ideas the author wants to cover in the essay. The next step in the editing process is the analysis of every paragraph in the essay. Each paragraph should have the topic sentence and back-up sentences, if possible with examples to support the topic sentence. Every topic sentence should support the thesis statement or the main point presented in the introductory part of the essay. Editing should help to check out the structure of every paragraph and the entire essay. Then, editing should focus on the analysis of the conclusion of the paper, which should re-state the thesis statement or the main point of the essay and sum up the main points presented by the author in the course of the essay.

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In addition, editing involves the analysis of the style of the essay and the proper word choice. In such a way, the editor may balance the essay and make it look better. For example, an essay may look strange, if the writer combines a highly colloquial and bookish style in one essay. The style of the essay should match the author’s choice and should not change in the course of the essay, unless the author has a special intention to do so.

The right choice of the best essay editing service available online

As editing process is very complex, writers may need the assistance of professional editors, who have extensive experience in the field of editing and may look at the completed paper from a different angle and, what is more important, from the reader’s angle as well. Today, writers may rely on various editing services which are available online as well as offline, although online editing services become more and more popular because they are more convenient for authors and more time-efficient compared to offline editing services.

However, the big problem that arises in face of authors is the choice of the best essay editing service. In this regard, writers may refer to our editing service which is one of the best in the field of editing at the moment. We have extensive experience in the field of editing and employ professional editors only, who are well-qualified in different fields. They are proficient writers, who can edit essays to ‘polish’ them and to make them look really great as their authors want them to be. Our editors work to meet needs of our customers. This is why, when one needs editing services, one may contact our editing service and get editing being done to one’s essay. The quality of our editing service has already made us popular among many writers, who have become our return customers and use our services on the regular basis. We are still working on the further improvement of our editing services. This is why we always appreciate the feedback from the part of our customers to make necessary improvements into our editing services.

Recommendations on how to proofread an essay to make it error free

Proofreading may seem to be easier than editing. However, such a view on proofreading is highly superficial because, in its essence, this process is also very complex. Proofreading requires a lot of attention from the part of the writer or editor, who conducts the proofreading. One of the major challenges for writers is to proofread their own essays because often they are just incapable to detect errors because they believe their writing is correct. This problem is particularly widely-spread among ESL students and writers. Anyway, any writer has difficulties with proofreading his or her own paper. This is why it is much more efficient to ask another person, a friend, a peer, or a professional writer or editor to proofread the essay to make sure the essay is error free.

Proofreading involves several steps. First, proofreading focuses on the identification of grammar errors and sentence grammar structure. The elimination of grammar errors is an essential part of proofreading. Second, proofreading involves the correction of spelling errors and typos to make sure that everything is written properly and correctly. Third, proofreading involves the re-reading of the essay to make sure that it is free of any mechanical errors made by the writer.

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Essay proofreading is challenging and may need the assistance of professional proofreading services. Naturally, one may use software to make proofreading but even the most advanced software cannot always detect errors that are obvious for a human. At the same time, the writer may read and re-read his/her essay over and over again but fail to detect errors that are obvious for another professional writer or editor. This is why the best way to proofread the essay is to refer to the essay proofreading service. In this regard, our essay proofreading service is one of the best paper proofreading services available online. We offer proofreading services of the high quality performed by professional writers and editors. They have extensive experience in proofreading services and can provide such services in time and at the top quality level. We have many return customers, including professional writers, who prefer our proofreading services because they are certain in their quality and reliability of our services. We deliver our proofreading services in time and guarantee the full customer satisfaction.

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