Autobiographical Essay: Example and Tips

We assume that you’ve got the task to write a memoir and it caused a problem. Are we right? You must be thinking that you are not Bill Gates or Barak Obama and have nothing to tell about your person. But with our guide and example, you will find your path and complete the task of writing autobiographical essay.

Everyone who works or who wants to get a job, needs to know how to write an autobiography or autobiographical essay correctly, and what information should be indicated in it. Requirement of attaching autobiographical essay to resume and cover letter is not often used by employers, but it is better to familiarize yourself in advance with the rules for writing an autobiography and clearly understand which scheme to adhere to when writing this type of document.


  1. What is an autobiography?
  2. Writing a competent, quality autobiography
  3. Basic rules of writing autobiographical essay
  4. Template of autobiographical essay of official type
  5. Template of autobiographical essay of creative type

What is an autobiography?

Autobiography is a hand-written description of author’s life from birth to the present day. In it, not all the chronological data of the life is entirely important, but an indirect description of your inner world that can not be shown in a summary or, for example, in a characterization. Autobiography is the kind of document that can emotionally win the attention of potential employer, so allocate enough time and effort to write this document.

Having studied the template of an autobiography for applying for a job which we have composed, you can qualitatively present information about yourself to a potential employer, to whom it is more important not what you write, but how you write this information. In the second example, you can see the template of the creative autobiography. You might need it for participation in different artistic contents or similar events.

Your destiny is in your hands. Everyone knows that the first impression is very important, so present yourself as positively as possible. At the same time, remember about honesty and candor. Do not give false information.

Writing a competent, quality autobiography

You should understand that the head of HR department does not have much time to read a lot of information. Keeping that mind, remember that your autobiography should not exceed the volume of one sheet. Given information must be presented in logical sequence, in chronological order. Note that your autobiography will help you with an oral interview. Prepare it in advance, it will greatly help you to cope with the nerves at the interview and give you a certain charm in the eyes of the potential employer.

Autobiography is often required when applying for a serious position in big organizations. You should understand that your psychology (basing on your autobiography) might be studied by psychologists, security personnel, graphologists or other specialists. It depends on what kind of work you are supposed to be doing in future. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that your autobiography should be written by you by hand in the presence of the HR manager, and not submitted in ready-printed form. However, a pre-printed version must be with you.

It is not mandatory but we would suggest you to attach a photo to your autobiography, it will make it look more official and thoughtful. Choose the photo, which presents you in the best way, though it must be of official format.

Basic rules of writing autobiographical essay

There are no strict requirements for writing an autobiography, as it is a creative in its nature. But knowing the general rules for its compilation is necessary, because this paper belongs to the category of business documentation. What information should be indicated in it:

  • Autobiography should be capacious and concise, and the optimal size of the document is 1, maximum 2 pages. In practice, it has been proved that voluminous autobiographical essays are not fully read and do not reveal the author’s virtues. Here, we come across the opposite effect, which we do not want to get.
  • Form of presentation of information in a business style. The autobiography should be written without errors, since when reading the document the first impression will be made not according to the written text, but by the form of the presentation. Therefore, literacy, “easy” for the perception of the form will give good scores to the employer. So, if you want to make a good impressions, double-check your autobiographical essay.
  • During the compilation of an autobiography, one should follow a chronological order – the text must be consistently and logically written. For example, having told about the school, it will be incorrect to jump to your work activity, having missed such an important moment as higher education, if you have any. Also, do not forget to mention additional courses you have taken and skills you possess.
  • The important point – all the information that you personally indicate in the autobiography, must be true. Any unreliable information in case of detection of deceit, will create you certain problems, up to loss of business image. Wrong information in the autobiography can be a serious obstacle to obtaining the desired workplace.

Template of autobiographical essay of official type

Autobiography (sample)

I, John Allan Simpson, was born on February 15, 1987 in the city of Newport, RI. In 1994, I entered the secondary school of the district. In 2004, I graduated from the school entered University of Rhode Island, the Faculty of Journalism. In 2009, I successfully graduated from the URI. Was the president of the URI chess club during 2 final years of study. Since September of the same year and to the present day, I have been working in the newspaper “News of Rhode Island” as a journalist.

I do not have previous convictions.

I am married to Anna Jessica Simpson, born on March 4, 1989. She was born in Warwick, has a higher legal education, she works as a legal adviser. Has no previous conviction

No children.

Additional information:

Father: Jeremy Simpson, born on March 13, 1967 in Oklahoma, has a higher technical education, working as chief engineer. Lives in Newport. No previous conviction.

Mother: Melissa Simpson, was born on March 16, 1968 in Wakefield, has a higher economic education, works as a chief accountant. Lives in Newport. No previous conviction.

Brother: Jason Simpson, was born on July 1, 1995 in Newport. To date, he is a student of the 3rd year full-time journalism department of the URI. Has no previous conviction.

Template of autobiographical essay of creative type

I was born in March of 1972 and immediately started my artistic work. My bass chanting in the morning, consisting of a repetition in different combinations of vowels “o”, “e” and “a”, awakened not only the wrinkled babies surrounding me, but also all the medical personnel within a radius of two floors. And so far I can not stop…

For the first time consciously, I started painting at the age of 5 months in my sister’s school diary. A lively response to my first work gave me an opportunity to think about everything that exists, and also about my personal life purpose.

Visiting the kindergarten, already in the middle group, I shocked the teacher of music with an artificial chignon on my head with the performance of the romance song and then without any pause – was swearing repeating the words of some rappers.

While studying at school, I was an irreplaceable editor of the school wall newspaper, in which I first learned the joy of literary creativity. I brought up completely different topics, which were interesting for students and teachers.

We always had an extensive library at home. I had to read a lot, and sometimes, as a reward for the craving for beauty, in the book of Galsworthy or Hemingway, I found a five-ruble note from my father’s stash. At the literature lessons, I honestly replied that my favorite writers were Hugo and Tolstoy, which led the young teacher into a pedagogical stupor.

In the medical institute, right from the evening of the freshman, I was forcibly taken to the construction department of the creative committee, where immediately, as a result of some strange elections, I became the main songwriter of the faculty and that evening I got acquainted with pure medical alcohol… After two long trips to the extreme north with the goal of erecting a pig farm, I decided to finish my racket life and finally study, but at the dean’s office it turned out that I had already been long and irrevocably dismissed for failure.

In order not to upset my parents, I quickly submitted documents to another institute and began to study metallurgy with enthusiasm. During studies, I took part in all possible creative activities: singing, writing articles, painting and so on. Nothing could stop me from being an artist even when studying to be a technician.

Recently, I unexpectedly wrote a story for myself. Not only I liked it, but my wife. Mom, who knew Shakespeare’s sonnets by heart, raised her eyebrows respectfully, and even my sister – a certified journalist – read it to the end and never once grimaced.

I was surprised and wrote a second story. The same story happened again, same reaction achieved.

As a result of all this, I organized a small company working in the construction industry. And I’m engaged in creativity solely for my own pleasure.