Civil Rights Movement Essay: Example and Tips

Student’s assignment of writing an essay on civil rights movement is a commonly used task to check student’s knowledge and skills. Performing the writing stick to the basic rules of writing essays and follow the usual structure, which is presented by introduction, main part and conclusion. In our article, we will show the example of each part and comment on the rules of its writing. Also, we will discuss the possible topics for civil rights movement essay, as such a topic may be too broad.

Example of topics for civil right movement essay

  1. Why did the civil rights movement in the United States in the second half of the 20th century have success? – example
  2. Causes and effects of civil rights movement
  3. The civil rights movement in names and faces
  4. Martin Luther King and his role in civil rights movement

Writing the introduction to civil rights movement essay

If you experience difficulties in starting writing essay with an introduction, leave it for later. Actually, it might be a very useful tip. Start writing essay on civil rights movement with the main body. This way, you will realize the main ideas and express the main thoughts. Thus, forming the introduction will not be difficult.

We advise you to start an essay with a catchy saying. It might be a phrase of a well known person. In case of civil rights movement essay, we have chosen the quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up

and live out the true meaning of its creed:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident,

that all men are created equal.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

After that proceed to the explanation of the choice of your topic. Why you look at the problem from such a perspective? Why might it be interesting for other people to read your essay?

Example of introduction to civil right movement essay

What are the United States associated with? Undoubtedly, with the American dream and freedom, which belongs to everyone by right regardless of gender, skin color, even sexual orientation. However, the true face of a state built on democratic and liberal values ​​is not so pretty. It is riddled with deep wrinkles and scars of a long-term struggle for equality of different groups of the population. It seems that it is impossible to eradicate racial prejudices from the minds of a nation of colonists, as well as to free the patriarchal society permeated by Christian teaching from gender segregation.

The fact is that for taking proper measures, an impulse is needed, an impetus that will spill over into a grand event. Like water droplets forming karst caves, the growing discontent gradually grinds out the need for change. Over time, the tension increases, and the accumulated indignation of the disenfranchised situation, like a volcano, breaks out, threatening to bury all the usual traditions, customs, and norms of a careless society under a thick layer of red-hot ash. Death is deserved: short-sightedness and self-confidence leads to death. Although some ghosts of the past remain, occasionally recalling the toppled past. Approximately according to this scenario, relations developed within American society, well-known by deep racial prejudices. The anger of the disfranchised layer of US society finds a way out after the Great Depression and World War II, accompanied by both violent and non-violent counter-measures. Part of the contribution was made by the idea of ​​equal rights of the black and white population.

Writing the main body of civil rights movement essay

Hopefully, to this point your civil right movement essay has caught the attention if the reader and he is willing to continue. In the main body, the author introduces and explains the main thesis. Each thesis must be supported by evidence, facts of some other ways to prove author’s position.

The main rule here is to use only reliable information: check the data twice, take it only from reliable sources. It is recommended to always cite the used data in references. This way you secure yourself from making mistakes. Even if the data is wrong, you have who to blame for it. But it always leaves undesirable bad impression, try to avoid such situations.

Another important rule to follow is a proper use of someone else’s words. If you borrow parts of texts from another source, properly quote it in your essay and identify the source in the list of literature at the end. Do not abuse it, too much of borrowed material might be seen as plagiarism and lack of personal thoughts.

Example of main body of civil right movement essay

In the 1950s, there were made a series of court decisions, involving non-obedience of the black population to the segregation laws of the southern states. It was impossible to tolerate humiliation from the privileged class any more. The strikes of oppressed communities began, during which Martin Luther King, an icon of the civil rights movement, came to the fore. Propaganda of non-violent struggle in the United States, actions carried out, speeches, boycotts, slogans very much resembled the methods of the Indian leader for the independence of Mahatma Gandhi, because it was the overseas freedom fighter who became the true guru for the young pastor. Only due to peaceful actions and removal from the terrorist and legal path, the movement acquired a mass character and did not allow a civil war in the country.

The “Year of Africa” had an interesting influence – the rapid growth of the number of independent states on the map. The increase in the number of diplomatic representatives arriving in Washington from the newly minted states also threw firewood into the flaming fire. It is not surprising that the appearance of successful black ambassadors and consuls caused envy among the disenfranchised American residents, which fueled their desire to become on the same level with arrogant exploiters. Although even high representatives of the countries of the Black Continent often faced racial discrimination during a visit to the United States, which considerably prevented Americans from spreading their influence in a promising part of the world. It seems to be a detached fact, but, nevertheless, had its effect on the civil rights movement.

The growing wave of disturbances threatened to escalate into a real tsunami. Politicians tried to take advantage of the current situation (especially before the presidential election), moreover, the constant increase in the number of allies of the black population and the constant struggle really scared the elite. Besides the unarmed comrades of King, there were more bloodthirsty and radical groups. “Black Muslims”, “Nation of Islam”, “Black Panthers” added fuel to the fire with terrible reprisals, acts of violence and provocative slogans. The popularity of extremist groups has grown over time, as the impatience and inefficiency of non-violent methods, which require more time, have pushed the black population to take up arms.

Writing the conclusion to civil rights movement essay

Conclusion is the ending part of the essay, which is always written the last. In its volume, the conclusion must be about the same as introductory part. It must also be similar in content.

In the conclusion, the author does not invent anything new, he repeats himself: main ideas, thesis, makes sure that everything is clear. The reader has to stay with a clear idea of what author wanted to say.

Example of the conclusion to civil right movement essay

Civil rights movements were heterogeneous: somewhere spontaneous (uprisings in the ghetto), somewhere organized (the King movement or the Black Panthers), somewhere violent, somewhere not. The uncertainty and inaction of the US government, half-hearted concessions only pushed black residents to continue the struggle for equality with the white population, they felt the strength and power of unity, pride in themselves. Of course, African Americans have achieved immeasurably greater success in the “pursuit” of equality, but racial discrimination persists in our time. Segregation has changed its face, which makes it difficult to identify it, but this is a completely different story.

Americans have a really strong will for freedom in their heart. And the fight for freedom will never stop before it is achieved.