Top 10 College LifeHacks

Life of a college student can be stressful. However, one must not always be haunted by thoughts like “How will I write my essay?”. Surprisingly, there are many things in life that college students can get for free. Here is a list of top 10 freebies that college students are entitled to.

  1. A drink at Chipotle

What can be better than ordering a favorite drink? Obviously, getting it for free! A student ID will get its holder a free drink at any Chipotle restaurant. By the way, many other places may follow the suit, so you may be willing to ask for a free drink or for at least a discount.

  1. Free Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime revolutionized retail by engaging drones. The future is now! The problem is that the company charges a lot for this kind of delivery. However, the students are an exception: Amazon will allow students to enjoy its Amazon Prime for free for half a year.

  1. The Washington Post subscription

Students have to be aware of all the latest news and what can be better than learning them from a credible source? The Washington Post needs no introduction: many people all over the world pay to read its articles. However, students can enjoy this privilege for half a year for absolutely free.

  1. Microsoft Office essentials

Writing a paper is something that students do on a daily basis. Microsoft Office has become the standard in the industry, but its price can be quite high. However, students can get three its most essential programs for free.

  1. You Need a Budget application

College students soon come to realize that they are always running short on time and money. While there can hardly be anything about controlling time, it is obvious that a person can control the use of one’s money very well. You Need a Budget is an application that students can get for free.

  1. College Student Deals from Best Buy

Obviously, going into college is associated with buying a lot of new appliances. A student can save a lot at Best Buy if they use College Student Deals which were specifically designed for this category of customers.

  1. LastPass for free

Becoming a college student also involves keeping a lot of sensitive information, like passwords for classes. All this can be made easier with LastPass program that will create a master password and will remember all the important information.

  1. Free checking account

As it has been mentioned before, money can become a significant issue. That is why several banks, including some of the most popular in the US are offering a free checking account for a student to be able to manage one’s money easily.

  1. Free Autodesk

Those who know what this program is capable of will be eager to get it for free! Those who don’t may be interested in creating free 3D models using the best program in the industry for free. So, whether it’s connected to your major or not, you should try Autodesk.

  1. Free museums

College is a time for everything, including going to museums for free. This can save a lot of money and help a student see some of the most famous and remarkable works of art. This opportunity cannot be missed.

To sum up

As you can see, the life of a college student can be difficult, but one should not forget about numerous freebies that one can enjoy by simply showing one’s student ID card. Given the fact that college will be over, everyone should make the most of this wonderful opportunity.