Culture Essay: Example and Tips

Examples of topics for culture essay of different types

  1. What is culture? (Theoretical paper, which defines culture, its types, stages of development, etc.)
  2. Mysterious culture of ancient Egypt (more narrow topic, which describes culture of particular country in particular era)
  3. Interpenetration of cultures in the modern world. What is the future culture of globalized society (thoughts on development of culture in future)
  4. The growing role of culture as a historical pattern (essay to be based on scientific research)
  5. Culture of modern England: analysis, assessment, forecasts.
  6. Comparative analysis of various concepts of the emergence, development and connection of science with other forms of culture (topic for a comparative essay)
  7. Has modern society reached the highest stage of culture development? (topic for evaluative essay)
  8. Culture and traditions of the peoples of Africa (description and analysis of culture of different peoples within one continent) – example

Culture essay example. Culture and Traditions of the Peoples of Africa

Africa is a place where there are people who live adhering to the rules of life, traditions and culture, which were formed a few centuries ago, have survived to this day almost unchanged and have a clear leadership in the everyday way of life of the population. The inhabitants of Africa still successfully exist due to fishing, hunting and gathering, without feeling the acute need in the achievements of modern civilization. This does not mean that they are not familiar with all the innovations of civilization, they just know how to happily exist without them, leading a closed way of life without coming into contact with the world around them.

The peoples inhabiting Africa are so different, interesting and unique. The African continent has sheltered many different tribes with different levels of development, traditions, rituals and views on life. The largest tribes are Mbuti, Nuba, Oromo, Hamer, Bambara, Fulbe, Dinka, Bongo and others. Over the past two decades, tribal people have been gradually restructuring themselves into the mode of commodity-money nature, but in priority they have to provide themselves and their families with the necessary foodstuffs in order to prevent prolonged hunger. It can be said that there are practically no economic relations among the tribal population, which is why there are often various conflicts and contradictions that can end even with bloodshed. In spite of this, there are also tribes that are more loyal to modern development, have entered into economic relations with other major peoples and are working to develop public culture and industry.

The population of Africa is quite large, therefore, 35 to 3,000 people live on a continent on one square kilometer, and in some places even more, because the population is unevenly distributed because of the waterlessness and unfavorable desert climate. In the north of Africa, Berbers and Arabs reside, who for tens of centuries live in this territory, handed over their language, culture and traditions to local residents. Arab ancient constructions still delight the eye, revealing all the subtleties of their culture and beliefs.

There are practically no inhabitants in the desert area, but there you can meet a large number of nomads who lead the whole camel caravans, which is their main source of life and an indicator of solvency.

Culture and way of life of the peoples of Africa

Since the population of Africa is quite diverse and consists of more than a few dozen tribes, it is very obvious that the traditional mode long ago has lost its primacy and in some aspects borrowed culture from neighboring peoples. Thus, the culture of one tribe reflects the traditions of the other and it is difficult to determine who was the founder of various rituals. The most important value in the life of a tribal people is the family, it is related to the most of the beliefs, traditions and rites.

In order to marry one of the girls of the tribe, the guy must compensate the parents for the damage. Often – it’s domestic animals, but more recently, ransom is also taken in monetary terms. It is believed that this tradition helps families unite, and also in case of a good amount of ransom, the father of the bride is convinced of the son-in-law’s solvency and the fact that he can properly provide for his daughter.

The wedding should only be held on the night of the full moon. It is the moon that will indicate what kind of marriage it will be – if bright and clear, then the marriage will be good, prosperous and prolific, if the moon is not bright – this is a very bad sign. Family in the tribes of Africa is characterized by polygamy – as soon as a man becomes financially wealthy, he can afford several wives, which does not bother the girls, because they equally share the responsibilities of household chores and childcare. Such families are surprisingly friendly and all their efforts are directed to the benefit of the tribe.

After reaching a certain age (different in each tribe), young people must undergo a rite of initiation. Boys and sometimes girls are circumcised. It is very important that the guy does not cry during the ritual, otherwise he will forever be considered a coward.

Traditions and customs of the peoples of Africa

Africans spend a lot of time to protect themselves from evil spirits and to approach the good gods. To do this, they perform ritual dances (causing rain, fighting pests, receiving a blessing before hunting, etc.), stuffing tattoos, cutting out masks that must protect them from evil spirits.

A special role in the life of the tribe is played by sorcerers and shamans. They are considered servants of spirits, they are listened to by tribal chiefs and they are approached by the common people for advice. Shamans have the right to bless, heal, they hold weddings and bury the deceased.

Africans are very enthusiastic about their ancestors, performing a number of rituals of worship. Often this worship of the dead ancestors, after the death of which passed more than a year, they are using some ritual action, invite back to the house, assigning them a separate place in the room.

Before marriage, girls are taught a special language for married people which only they know and understand. The bride must herself walk to the groom’s house and bring her dowry. Marriage can be concluded as early as 13 years.

Another feature of the culture of the tribes is the application of scars on the body. It is believed that the more of them the person has, the better warrior and hunter this man is. Each tribe has its own drawing techniques.

As we can see, the culture even within one continent is very colorful and different. Peoples are unique in their customs and traditions, beliefs and religions. Unfortunately, throughout the history of mankind, this has caused many conflicts, misunderstands and even wars. The task of modern civilized society is to develop a sense of multiculturalism among people of all nationalities, countries and religions.