Essay Examples and Their Advantages

As children, we were all taught how to hold a spoon, weren’t we? For this ability, we are obliged to the mirror neurons. Respectable scientists have proved the connection of learning process with those little cells of ours. Each time an activity is shown to a person, it can be learned and then repeated with the help of mirror neurons. It is interesting how it is applied to gaining writing skills. To get an excellent grade, a student might resort to an essay sample for understanding an essence of a task given and polishing the experience they require. Having worked with a proper sample, students get used to the correct structure, facts presentation and learn how to start the writing, what technique to follow, which clichés to stick to, etc. There are a lot of available pieces of writing nowadays which means there are many examples of essays for colleges as well. Students should not forget that large scope of topics gives them an opportunity to create something original on the basis of those college essay samples.


It is important to say that every piece of writing conveys both limited structure and the author’s style. According to the practice, college applicants don’t have strict rules for entrance essays, yet their predecessors have succeeded in making some general composition patterns. Many gifted people arrived at a consensus as for the writing schemes which resulted in a creation of a secret code hidden between the lines of numerous essays. Wise students can deal with this code.

Examples of application essays have a lot in common, that is why we become familiar with these patterns. Let’s name the most common features of those bright essay examples. They are: eurhythmy, catching phrases, and aesthetically engaging parts prevailing. Now, as you’ve understood, to write an original text you need to check popular sites with essay samples and draw inspiration from them. There are a great number of essays which are thought to be most useful for college applicants. Those who followed learned patterns can choose what leading university to apply to.

Popular Topics List

Argumentative Essay Topics:

  • College fees, are they more important than education process itself?
  • Marijuana in medical sphere and its pros and cons.
  • Death sentences, to ban or not to ban?​

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics:

  • Social structures of the Soviet Union and the Western world, main differences.
  • Atomic and solar energy, their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Apple or Microsoft? General review, unique traits, common features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics:

  • The way social networks influence our ability to communicate.
  • The connection between nervous breakdowns and physical health.
  • Exercises and physical activity in relation to mental abilities.

Process Essay Topics:

  • How to do your best in football?
  • How to find pitfalls of A-grade strategies?
  • How to succeed in songwriting?

Personal Essay Topics:

  • Tell us about one frightening experience you had to cope with.
  • Think of the times you made up your mind to be responsible for others and show them way in life.
  • Share the situation when you were made to change your principles at the very root. How did you feel? What was the result?

The Way Any Essay Should Be Organised

With the help of essay examples, it is possible to understand the writer’s’ techniques.  Writers use existing guidelines and employ them to their composition. Thus, looking at essays including five passages, it is easy to distinguish the execution of every instruction. There is the simplest working principle in this system, i.e. choose the part, realize its task in the frame of the text and: create!

The first part is the introduction, consisting of:

  • Catching statement (Make the reader interested!);
  • Concise presentation (Display the key statements in short);
  • Thesis statement (The sentence where the point/value of the whole essay is presented).

Next, comes the main body (all paragraphs of which are outlined in the same way)

  • the part that reveals the topic of the work – the topic sentence;
  • the one that presents the idea – the claim;
  • the one with proofs – the evidence;
  • and the one where you show that your proofs are credible – the explanation.

Your conclusion should have:

  • Thesis paraphrasing (thesis is being restated);
  • A short paraphrasing of an explanation part;
  • General Summary (Give a total conclusion on the whole text).

Examples of essays aimed at persuasion or comparison, the biggest part of essays for TOEFL exams, SAT essays, and the long list of others have much in common in their structure.

We want to introduce you to some essay examples which will help you to get an excellent mark.

Samples of Definition Essays. MLA structure.

When you write such an essay, you should provide the reader with a certain statement and then stick to it throughout the text. Key sentences are used on purpose. For example, sentence 1 performs a state of mind; sentence 2 presents the topic of affection and passion; the third one covers the environmental problems. After that the writer looks at each of them in detail, giving profound explanations. At the end of the paper, you paraphrase your arguments and save best till the last. As a result, with the help of structured ideas, you are able to catch the reader’s interest. The text answers to MLA standards too.

The Samples of College Admission Essays

Some students follow the advice presented in these samples. They succeeded in following these prompts. One, for instance, described her personal experience as for getting over some tough situations; her topic was male and female rights. She started to reveal the difficulties occurring in her life and the way she chose to overcome it. Examination Board was eager to see the detailed description of her actions. She did it brilliantly.

If Essay Samples Are Not Enough in You Case

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