Feminism Essay: Example and Tips

Feminism is a kind of topic, people feel strongly about. In some cases, they can become aggressive if their position is different from yours. That is why feminism as a topic of essay should be addressed with caution.

Types of essays on feminism and how to write them

There can be several approaches to writing feminism essay:

  1. Theoretical approach for writing informative essay: write theoretical information about feminism (history of its development, main figures, change in politics concerning women, etc.);
  2. Analytical approach for literature essay: choose a book which developed the topic of feminism and analyze it in your essay. You might talk about the author, main heroes or the plot;
  3. Creative approach for narrative essay: write about your own attitude, personal experience. Choose this type only if you have your own strong position and have what to say on the matter. This kind of essay would be the most personal, emotional and expressive.

Choose that type of essay, which can fully explore your talent as an essayist.

Example of topics for essays about feminism

  1. History of feminism: from beginning to modern days
  2. Gender equality. Is it possible to achieve it?
  3. Susan B. Anthony and her role in development of feminist movement
  4. Political basis for gender discrimination
  5. A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf
  6. Who are the modern feminists? – example essay

Feminism essay example. Who are the modern feminists?


Don’t think that feminism does not concern you, it concerns everyone! Technical progress has gone far ahead, and sometimes even the younger generation does not have time to follow all the technical innovations. Elon Musk launched a rocket to Mars, and women still suffer from the infringement of their rights and complain that men get bigger salaries, higher managerial positions and often release sexist jokes in our direction. Well, there is a great deal of truth in this even nowadays.

People often believe that feminism is no good, and we all have long lived in a world where unicorns run and equality reigns. But no, neither one nor the second miracle has happened yet, since a whole clip of topical global problems is still associated with gender inequality.

In many countries, the quality of life still depends on gender: both the extent to which you can choose your own way of life, and what further opportunities the state and society provide. It’s time to figure out what the main problems for women exist in the modern world, how to solve them, and why do we need feminism?

Main part. 1st paragraph

Throughout history, many individuals have expressed the idea that a woman is absolutely equal to a man and has her own rights. Officially, feminism began its existence in Iceland, one of the most advanced countries in the observance of human rights at the moment. Already in 1915, at the height of the pan-European suffragist movement (suffrage from the French), Icelandic women won the right to vote (after New Zealand, Finland and Australia). But the years went by, and there were no real changes in the policy on the women’s issue. In parliament, only 5% of the seats were held by women, compared with about 20% in other Scandinavian countries.

“You don’t have to be beautiful. You don’t have to be beautiful for anyone. Neither for your boyfriend / spouse / partner, nor your colleagues, and certainly not casual men on the streets. You do not have to be beautiful for your mother or your children or civilization as a whole. Beauty is not the price you have to pay for your place in the world called “woman”, – Diana Vreeland.

This, of course, did not suit women, and one day 90% of women did not come to work. In history, he is known as the “Women’s Day Off.” Women gathered in the squares, watched films about suffragist women and gave speeches. And the men were forced to take children with them, as the nursery and kindergartens were closed. After this turning point, after five years, Vigdís Finnbogadottir, the first European woman president, won the presidential election. But to this day all over the world women are rather poorly represented in politics.

The second wave of feminism falls on the 1960s thanks to the bold work of the French existentialist Simone de Beauvoir “The Second Sex”. The book became a bright continuation of the ideas of suffragists in the struggle to end discrimination and equal rights with men. Women inspired by Beauvoir book, began to fight for the equality of women in the family and at work. It was only in the twentieth century that feminists began to appear in the broad masses, different branches and directions began to appear in previously small movements. But even in the 21st century, many do not recognize feminism and do not understand why it is needed in 2018.

Main part. 2nd paragraph

Indeed, why do we need feminism? Although by 2018 the women’s movement achieved a lot, it is still strange to observe a sharp dissonance between the development of modern technologies, the Ilona Mask rocket launched to Mars, and the lack of education in many countries of the world, the high ignorance of women, violence from men and even elementary lack of medical services without a husband’s permission. But the Western world shows quite good results, because we have the right to learn, work, have abortions and use contraceptives.

Meryl Streep once said: “I always want to play strong and independent women, but in Hollywood this role is not too popular. People are not comfortable to accept the idea that a woman can be a better leader than a man.”

It happens that in our society they love to blame the victim for all the troubles. In case of a rape they say that the skirt was too short and there was nothing to do at night anywhere; a husband beats up – so you have to be a good wife, cook and have children.

But many women do not even notice sexism in relation to themselves. Perhaps they simply do not understand this concept or try to ignore this. But if you delve into your memory, you can remember a lot of funny and not very cases. For example, some not very decent proposal made on the street; the situation when at work you were preferred to a man, simply because he was born with other genitals; my favorite is when a university lecturer says that the most important thing for a girl is to get married successfully! WTF? Really? You are a professor, how can you think so flat? And in my life there was really such a case when a respected gentleman with high academic titles made such jokes.

Main part. 3rd paragraph

“Feminism did not participate in any wars. It did not kill its opponents. It did not create concentration camps, did not starve the enemies, did not commit any cruelties. Feminism fought for education, for the right to vote, for the improvement of working conditions, for safety on the streets, for child care services, for social benefits, for crisis centers for survivors of rape, for shelters for women, for law reform. If someone says, “Oh no, I’m not a feminist,” ask, “Why? What is your problem? ”- Dale Spender.

All this seems to be understandable, because we are divided by gender. Since childhood, we are stepping on a kind of conveyor belt that puts “girl” and “boy” tags on us. From an early age, we are hammered into our heads, that girls play only with dolls, wear pink dresses, and boys roll cars and build towers from lego. “Do not fight, you’re a girl!”, “Why are you crying, be a man?”

To achieve adolescence, every girl in the brain is laid vital information that the most important thing is to get married, arrange life, have children and be a good wife for your husband. Guys should be ready to stand up for themselves in any situation and fight. Traditionally, in the understanding of society, a man is a kind of “breadwinner” whose hands will fall off if he touches dirty dishes, a vacuum cleaner, or a washing machine. All this should be done by a woman whose duty is to have children, clean houses, cook food and be a good wife. And if a girl has ambitions, a desire to achieve something in life, then there is already something wrong with her.

“I consider myself a modern feminist. Yes, I am for gender equality, I believe in equality and that we have many opportunities. But at the same time I’m just a woman, and I like to be just a woman! I believe in equality, and I believe that we all should strive for this. At the same time, I am happily married”, – Beyonce.


Not all women dream about family and children. There are girls who have a career in priority, the desire to achieve something in this life and leave some trace behind. It should be understood that feminism does not oppose marriage and children, on the contrary, it’s just a full-fledged relationship in which the second half respects your goals and life priorities is much more harmonious. Feminism is, above all, equality and respect! It’s great, because when a joint life is arranged as it is convenient for a married couple. In a happy harmonious relationship, it is important to be able to negotiate.

“I am a feminist, because I am a woman who has the power to give other women a damn job, I want them to be leaders, but at the same time I want the same for men. I am a woman and I am fighting for the rights of my own kind, but this does not mean that we are smarter or better than men. People have already driven the word “feminism” to such an extent that the girls no longer understand what it really means,”- Miley Cyrus.

Feminism is the freedom of a woman to choose. She wants to – let her engage in life and family, chooses a career, her own realization, or tries to combine all this. Feminism is not something abstract or mythical of the category of unicorns, it is primarily concerned with each of us. I believe that feminism is not about how to make women strong. Women are already strong. It is about how to change the very understanding of power.