Happiness Essay: Example and Tips

“What does happiness mean for you?” is such a standard and even banal topic for an essay, that you need to think very creatively in order to write something interesting. That is why this article will be about developing creative thinking. The rules of writing an essay are the same. But the content of essays is different every time.

What is creative thinking?

Creative thinking is a process that we all use to generate new ideas, in our case for writing essay about happiness. However, many people believe that they have no creative vein, and they are cunning. They suffer every time when they get a task to write an essay. We are sure that every person is creative from birth. Over the course of thousands of years, in the course of evolutionary development, people learned to think creatively and succeeded well in this. At the next stage, people learned to suppress their creativity. We decided to figure out whether it is possible to regain creative ability and how to increase our creativity.

We are taught to be creative from an early age, but at the same time they are also taught to follow the rules, for example: “colors in coloring book should not go beyond the lines…” The innate ability to be creative is fading due to the fact that we have to get along with the rules of the environment and try to do it “like everyone else”. The older a person becomes, the less often he can afford to show his creative potential.

Our brain does try to follow the logic, but not as often as it seems. The left hemisphere is responsible for logical actions; it is there that the analysis of all facts takes place, the recognition of mathematical symbols, the memorization of names and dates. The right hemisphere gives us the opportunity to dream and imagine. It is the right hemisphere that is responsible for writing essays, the ability to music and visual arts. Yoga with its meditative practices and psychedelic drugs provide an opportunity to touch and experience some experience of right hemisphere perception. However, the secret of effective creative thinking is not to turn off the left hemisphere, but to work out the correct interaction of the left with the right.

Usually creative thinking works both intentionally and accidentally; it is an accident that makes us think about something differently and leads us to some new useful ideas. Other changes are slow due to a series of consecutive logical conclusions. It is through a combination of these random and logical processes that improvement takes place, but it often takes a lot of time, especially in a competitive and constantly accelerating world.

Goal setting and its awareness

Creativity is best viewed as a chain of tasks, a table of content, not an abstract thing. This process helps to solve a specific problem – to come up with an idea for an essay. Not a single person in the entire history has been creative for nothing, regardless of any specific project. When a topic appears, it must be studied from all sides. Creative people, as a rule, have one important habit – they rethink the problem again and again. This means that, instead of immediately rushing to work, they sit back and study the problem from different angles before proceeding to it. And it is good if this stage does not drag on for long weeks and months. That is why, why you get the task of writing an essay, start thinking of it right away. Give yourself time to come up with a creative idea.

Getting to hard work

Scott Berkan, a journalist and author of many self-improvement bestsellers, writes that the biggest difference between recognized geniuses and us is that they work a lot more. They simply spent more time behind a notebook with calculations, in front of an easel or a computer. The main goal is to choose a problem that you care about, and get to work on resolving it. If you care about nothing, then your problem is not in the absence of creative abilities, but in banal apathy.

To make sure of his theory, Berkan offers to take any famous creative character and his main project, thanks to which he gained fame, and explore how many sketches, prototypes and attempts he had to make in order to get such an outstanding result. Of course, flashes of insight happen, but really worthwhile ideas come only when a person works really hard.

Try to do a lot of work, and the quality will automatically flow from quantity. As the designer Stefan Sagmeister said, it is very important to be as little afraid as possible and work as much as possible. “It’s much better to deal with a lot of shit right away than to think about it for a long time, and never get to work,” the designer thought.

Exercises to increase creativity for developing writing skills

“The product of creativity is not a work of genius or divine inspiration, in reality creativity is only the ability to identify problems and develop effective solutions for them,” writes Laura Pappano in The New York Times. Increasing your creativity is like how to build muscle, only a little more difficult. There are special techniques that stimulate deliberate creative thinking. One of the most popular methods is brainstorming, which traditionally begins with the enumeration of non-original ideas, during the collective discussion of which something original is born.

IDEO, a company specializing in design and innovation, whose services are used by Procter & Gamble, HP, Nestle, Samsung, NASA, BBC, Intel, Lufthansa and other giants, has developed its “creativity enhancement” methodology. The Harvard Bussiness Review published three exercises that are used in this company. IDEO managers also believe that constant practice is needed to unleash creativity. For a start, it is worthwhile to force yourself to reflect on the problem divergently – that is, in various directions. This can help a diagram of links or associative map (mindmap). Firstly, they are a great way to cope with the fear of a blank page, secondly, they help to find patterns and explore the topic; thirdly, to come up with a really new idea, to write down its entire evolution. As an example, experts suggest considering the idea of ​​a dinner party for friends.

Exercise 1. On a large blank piece of paper in a circle, write your central topic of essay or mark the problem. Ask yourself: “What else can I add to the map, what is related to this topic?” Write down all the ideas in the form of branches emanating from the center, and do not worry if they are too obvious or cliched. It always happens. Use each connection to stimulate new ideas. If one of your ideas leads to a completely new cluster, circle it to emphasize this. Continue to expand the map as far as possible, as long as your imagination allows. Soon you will find completely unpredictable and even “wild” ideas. When the page is full, and you feel that you have not finished yet, try to re-formulate the central theme and make another map, getting a fresh look at the problem.

Exercise 2. This exercise should be practiced in class with other students. An exercise with thirty circles was invented by Bob McKim, and it perfectly “warms up” creative thinking. Give each participant a sheet with 30 identical circles and ask them to draw as many recognizable objects as possible in three minutes. Compare your results and look at the number of ideas, who managed to complete 10, 15, 20 or more circles? Next – look for variety or flexibility in ideas. There are derivative ideas (a basketball, a planet, a cookie, or a smiley), but sometimes people go beyond their own circles, “breaking the rules” and combining them in two or more.

Exercise 3. In search of new knowledge and research of the problem you are interested in, you probably met people who know the topic well. You listened to these people and watched them carefully. Now you need to systematize all the data obtained in the “card of empathy.” Divide the board into four equal parts “say,” “do,” “think” and “feel.” Record each of your observations in a particular area on a separate sticker and place the finished notes in the groups “say” and “do”. And, for example, write down positive statements and actions on green ones, neutral ones on yellow ones, and the most disappointing and problematic ones on pink and red ones. When you run out of space or options that you would like to place in these sections, start to paste stickers in the lower quarters – “think” and “feel”. Now write on the sheets observation regarding body language, tone and word selection. In the end, look at the whole map, does it push any insights and conclusions? Are there contradictions or inconsistencies within individual sectors or between them? Perhaps you see some unexpected connection?

Forget about the result and concentrate on writing

It is important to find a balance. Working on writing an essay without rest can lead to the fact that you quickly get tired of it and “kill” your entire creative reserve, so do not forget about the breaks that will allow you to “cool down”. It is also important to stop worrying about the result all the time. Imagine a situation that you, for example, decided to learn to draw, and never before came into contact with this kind of creativity. You come to the courses where you come across the easel for the first time, and, of course, you are embraced by the fear of making a mistake, of doing something wrong. Trust intuition and your instincts. To learn creativity, it is necessary to develop inner courage and suppress the fear of something new and unknown.

Change the environment

To become more creative, you need to surround yourself with the appropriate environment. It is logical that brainstorming in the circle of creative like-minded people will be more effective than in the company of random people. Communicating with other creative people and sharing ideas gives excellent nourishment. If you need to write the essay about happiness, discuss this topic with friends and family members. Learn what happiness means for them and it will help you to understand yourself better.

However, it is more difficult to endure an innovative idea if you follow the path of “least resistance” using the same familiar set of tools that is at hand. The fact is that getting out of the comfort zone can increase creativity and give you a right push to writing a good happiness essay. That is why, for example, famous writers and artists loved to work in a cafe. This phenomenon is explained in a study whose results were published by the scientific Journal of Consumer Research.

Reading the absurd and surrealist literature also helps the creative process. It was proven that those who read the works of Franz Kafka and Alice in Wonderland are more creative. Scientists have concluded that the human mind is always trying to find logic in the things that are happening, and the surrealistic and absurd plots put the brain at a dead end and provide an opportunity to “reboot.”

Happiness essay example


My close friend wrote today: “congratulations on Your day – on the International Day of Happiness!” It warmed my soul. What is my reason to feel happy? I started thinking.

My attitude towards happiness changed throughout life. Once I, like many of my peers, was sure that happiness is when people understand you. The result of this belief was the years of expectations and demands – understanding from others. The desire to be understood is the trap of happiness and the cause of disappointment. After all, people do not have to think like you, feel like you, act like you. It is much more important for happiness to understand the world of another person. And find the key to his heart.

Today, my feeling of happiness is not related to other people. And even events. This is an internal setting, the paradigm of thinking and attitude. Happiness is when you do not need anything at the moment, except for what is already there. A collection of such moments gradually forms a state that I call total satisfaction. When overflowing gratitude to the Creator for everything that happens. For all that was, and all that is.

I am happy when I can start my morning with freshly ground coffee, wake up from the rays of the sun and not hurry anywhere. When I can be alone or have fun in the company. The main thing is to trust your desires and not to confuse one with the other. I am happy when traveling and discover the world. When the thing that you do is still tickling something inside, and this is called being in the flow. When I create and create something new. When a loved one continues to amaze and excite. And gets excited. Despite years of relationships. Happiness is a choice. Create your life as a work of art. And this is the only way to love it.

Main body

What is happiness? What does it look like? How to achieve it? Probably each of us at least once in his life asked this question. It seems to me that it is simply impossible to unequivocally answer this question. I can say what happiness is for me at the moment. But after all, happiness is different for everyone. And, moreover, for one person at different times, happiness is different.

Each in his own way sets priorities. And with age, we change, and our views on some things also change. Therefore, we can see happiness in different ways. For some, happiness is money, for someone – relationships. Someone sees his success as happiness. And someone is happy when riding on the carousel. For a person who is sick, happiness is the support of his loved ones. And for his family and friends, happiness is to see him healthy.

What is happiness for me? For me, this is a great mood, smiles of loved ones, health. It seems to me that without joy on the face of family and friends, happiness is impossible. Happiness is to see your beloved people every day, to have the opportunity at any moment to come and hug. This is happiness in a global sense. And in the narrow sense I am happy when I walk in the fresh air. I am happy when I have little homework and can walk more. And I am happy on my birthday. When everyone pays attention to me, they prepare gifts. This is also a kind of happiness.

Happiness is a very multifaceted phenomenon. After all, a lot of different things can make us happy. I believe that, first of all, happiness is harmony. When inside does not rage a hurricane of passions, experiences. When you are calm and warm at heart. Harmony in everything. When all is well at school, at home, with health, with friends. If you can compare it with the cooking process, well, for example, a cake. All of these are ingredients. Happiness is a cake. So, only with an ideal ratio, the right proportions, with full harmony of all the ingredients, the cake will turn out delicious. Similarly, happiness. Only with the balance of all the components there is happiness in a person’s life. The only difference is that each has his own ingredients, so the cake is different in taste. And the actions of the baker himself are important. After all, if we just put all the ingredients together, the cake itself will not bake. No wonder they say “Man himself is the creator of his happiness.”

We ourselves must make great efforts to be happy. For example, I say that for me happiness is success at school, at home, with friends. But if you think well, you will understand that it all depends directly on me. Success in school depends on me. If I study well, I will have good grades. Good relationship at home also depends on me. Not only on me, of course, but more so. If I am not rude to my parents, we will not argue. Good relationship with friends again is my business. If I am kind, sociable, and responsive, then I will have many good friends. Thus, I concluded that happiness is different for everyone, and each person has its own components. But the most important thing that I understood is that we create our own happiness, and make it the way we want. Only with your desire and diligence, you can achieve real happiness.


For me personally, happiness is when I see that those who are dear to me are happy. True happiness is when you can help others. Happiness that comes from sense of gratification – it temporarily and quickly passes. We think that we will be happy if we have some position in society, and we will be praised for something, and we will try to enjoy it. But then we will see that nobody cares about our position, whether we have this wealth or not.

True happiness is truly enduring – giving people joy, giving what they need. Treat everyone as we would like them to treat us and consider the needs of people as our own needs. And then – this happiness becomes true and it is imperishable. To do unselfishly is a happiness that does not depend on anything. Happiness is something that cannot be shaken by anything.

No one can be happy constantly. But, probably, this is the whole charm of this feeling that it is unexpected, not permanent, vulnerable. Life is built on trifles, so do not want something huge, you need to see the happiness in the small things.