Definition Essay

You notice a term you’re not familiar with. The term appears to be quite interesting, which is why you choose to use a dictionary to find out its meaning. After looking it up on the web, you come across an adequate and coherent definition. Congratulations, you can now use a new word!

Still, some words cannot be explained in only one or two sentences. Some terms are so intricate and profound that you need entire pages to define them. This is where a definition essay comes in!

General Information

Writing a definition essay is not easy, as you are tasked with devising a somewhat subjective and also official definition of a particular term. Seeing as you are required to write a whole essay, it’s not possible to opt for a word that can be explained in only a couple of words. The word needs to be intricate and must have a meaningful context and historical provenance. Moreover, you have to choose a word that your readers regard as relevant. For instance, the term “happiness.” It’s practically impossible to describe such a word in solely one or two phrases. As a result, you need to devise a whole essay on “happiness” and offer a precise GENERAL portrayal.

Definition Essay Subjects Examples

  • What makes a person a Winner?
  • Describe Triumph.
  • What is Love?
  • Define the term of Splendor.
  • What is Satisfaction?
  • How can the term of Admiration be explained?
  • Define Faithfulness.
  • Describe Bravery.
  • What is Boldness?
  • What is the definition of Friendship?

These are merely a few popular examples of subjects that students are tasked with writing. Of course, there are also plenty of other terms that can be explained using a definition essay. Your target is to choose a word you would enjoy defining and representing. With the right words, your essay can be a genuine work of art!

Definition Essay Structure

The size of your definition essay depends on the specific word you try to explain. As discussed earlier, some words are pretty straightforward and somewhat easy to comprehend, while others necessitate profound study and examination to be capable of portraying its significance precisely. Nevertheless, no matter which word you choose, your definition essay ought to have the customary Intro-Body(s)-Conclusion outline.

What to Do Before Writing

It goes without saying that, before you start writing, you need to choose a term. Take a look at our advice on selecting a word for your essay:

  • Select an adequate word
    • As explained earlier, you can’t possibly devise a sizeable definition essay on a straightforward term. Consequently, you need to be careful when deciding. A word such as a noun is not an inspired choice. For instance, the word “notebook” is too simple to write a whole essay on. However, a term like “writing” is considerably more personal and allows you to come up with distinct concepts!
  • Choose a multi-dimensional term
    • All languages have terms that allow for numerous understandings; not everyone thinks of them the same way!
  • Steer clear of words that are generic in all languages, such as “hello” or “elevator.” While you may find methods of expanding on such words, you should pick a more compelling term.
  • Word familiarity
    • You can’t possibly devise an essay on a word that is not in any way related to your existence. You ought to select a term that you’re well acquainted with, and that has a meaning for you. In principle, in any study task, you’re given, you’ll be able to benefit from your individual knowledge.
  • Investigate the history of the word
    • Seeing as people have communicated using languages for thousands of years, your word may have an interesting history. To learn relevant information, take a look at the Oxford Dictionary’s definition!


Similarly to any type of paper, your introduction makes the audience aware of what your essay involves. In a definition essay, this section has two primary objectives. First of all, you need to provide a “conventional” definition of the word. Secondly, you must devise the thesis definition!

  • Conventional Definition: The first part of the introduction ought to include the definition found in the dictionary. This way, your readers will gain a general grasp of the word and will find answers to any questions they might have. Moreover, this is particularly significant because the conventional explanation will differ to a certain extent from the thesis definition. This enables you to approach it from multiple perspectives!
  • Thesis Definition: This resembles the standard thesis assertion part. Your thesis definition constitutes your complete interpretation of the meaning of the word. It represents a combination of the conventional definition and your individual experiences and description method! Avoid portraying too much here. Most of your descriptions should be included in the other sections of your essay.

Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs constitute the section of the paper that truly dissects the word into its essential components. Here you are required to take each version of the definition as well as its background and dissect it into structured segments. Here is how a great body paragraph outline should look like:

  • Body Paragraph 1: Historical background and provenance.
  • Body Paragraph 2: Complete dictionary definition and utilization.
  • Body Paragraph 3: Explanation originating in individual experiences.


Your conclusion should be somewhat uncomplicated and straightforward. Your primary goal is to sum up the primary ideas of your argument. Reiterate the essential parts of the definition and make certain you summarized all of the ideas you intended to express. Last but not least, you ought to indicate the manner in which this word has exerted an influence on you. In general, prior to beginning the writing work, you choose a particular word for a certain motive. Part of the motive is related to your individual experience. Talk about the way in which the word and everything it involves has influenced your existence. This way, your readers will have a feeling of purpose!

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