Nursing Essay

A nursing essay is a type of paper in which you are required to prove your thorough expertise on a designated subject and demonstrate that you are capable of applying this expertise. When writing an essay required for nursing school admission, you need to make sure you comply with all of the recommendations presented in this article. By doing so, you’ll be able to devise a remarkable essay and get a high grade.

 A Few Facts About Nursing Essay Subjects

Before you start working on a nursing application essay, it is essential to have a vast and in-depth expertise on the designated topic. This way, you’ll create a logical outline for the information you wish to convey. To be able to come up with an accurate response, you must understand the essay question precisely. Investigate different questions that you could offer answers to. If you do a search, you may come across a large variety of nursing essay subjects. Here are just a few of the most popular topics:

  • Is the legalization of assisted suicide a good measure?
  • How to tend to patients with Alzheimer?
  • What are the prospective risks of home care?
  • Should healthcare workers be allowed to decline to take care of rude patients?

Opt for a topic you are knowledgeable about and can offer valuable information on. Ponder on the reason for which you opted for this particular topic. Devise an in-depth thesis. Don’t forget that your readers are experts when it comes to the information you’re providing. Thus, when writing a nursing essay, you should adopt a distinctive perspective to illustrate the way in which your expertise can be applied. Your methods and your manner of interpreting data are the elements that can make your essay stand out!

Conducting an Investigation

For your nursing essay to have a strong foundation, you need to gather information. The more info you are able to collect before beginning the writing work, the more chances of proving your degree of knowledge on the topic you’ll have. When conducting a thorough investigation, examining large amounts of material is essential to gaining a complete comprehension of the subject. In general, internet articles include the most actual data and explore atypical cases in detail. They offer extremely particular instances and point out to the way in which the gained expertise has been utilized to deal with an issue. Investigate those sources that are required for clarifying a specific, unique problem. In case your nursing essay approaches a wider topic, and you wish to exhibit your universal understanding, you should explore textbooks. In general, textbooks can offer a more universal comprehension of the subject.

Reading some essay examples beforehand is essential to writing a remarkable paper. Understanding the way in which other writers have approached different problems will make you aware of how a nursing essay should generally look like. However, when doing an online search, you may come across both high-quality and substandard essay samples. You’d better extract as much information as possible from the good essays for future use, and draw lessons from the errors made by faulty writers to avoid making them yourself. Each nursing essay example you come across needs to be formatted using the MLA style, as this format prevents you from wasting any time. However, we’ll explore this subject later.

Creating an Outline

Once you finish collecting the entirety of information and you are positive that you have gained a precise understanding of your subject, you need to dissect the data and disperse it in an even manner. This way, you’ll make sure your nursing essay has the right flow. To adequately showcase the information, your paper needs to include the following sections: introduction, body, and conclusion.

Before starting on your paper, write the most significant ideas you wish to include in your essay on a separate draft. Each particular idea ought to play a part in the development of your essay. This draft will aid you in concentrating on the subject and will prevent you from becoming confused and forgetting important details. In your draft, you ought to succinctly present the ideas you wish to approach. Moreover, this outline should include any materials, sites, articles or textbooks you could turn to in the eventuality that your paper requires supplementary data. Of course, no one says you cannot include more information in addition to what you have originally established in the draft. This rough outline is merely the basis of your paper. Once you finalize the draft, you can start writing the essay itself.

In the introduction part, you need to precisely explain the question and provide a strategy for responding to it. This section of your nursing essay acts as a guideline that both you and the audience can use when approaching the other sections of the paper. Your introduction ought to have a perfect flow, as it needs to offer your readers a full grasp of the investigated topic. To discover which terms are the most adequate for your topic and can maximize its significance, utilize materials such as a synonym dictionary or a glossary.

The body of your nursing essay ought to use the introduction as a sketch, describing the topic one step at a time and progressing steadily from one idea to the next. Make sure you transition from one paragraph to the other in an even-handed fashion, with each particular response bringing about a new query. A nursing essay must not stray from the topic. You must always stick to the point. Avoid overflowing the paragraph with useless data. If your paper includes too many trivial and pointless ideas, you won’t be able to get to the truth. So keep things as simple as possible! This represents the ground rule of any nursing essay. You must never forget this principle while working on your paper.

To transform your heap of information into a particularized investigation, you need to use examples. As discussed earlier, it’s crucial to demonstrate the way in which your knowledge on the topic can be utilized in practice. To this end, you need to offer a lot of proofs for each answer you communicate. This way, you’ll be able to emphasize your credibility. You should steer clear of any unfounded perspectives, as otherwise, you may end up with a faulty paper. The body of your nursing essay should underline the most fundamental ideas, either by reiteration or by asking the readers to remember a certain affirmation.

Last but not least, keep in mind that your body must include plenty of data to get the audience well-acquainted with the topic and respond to each particular question you’ve posed. If you feel like you won’t be capable of responding to a particular question, simply avoid posing it, as otherwise, the quality of your nursing essay will diminish. Complete your affirmation right before moving on to a new paragraph. All of your affirmations needs to be recapped in the conclusion.

In the conclusion, you need to take all of the information, data, and proof you’ve offered in the body and summarize them. This way, you’ll provide a response to the main question. Keep in mind that you need to add the entirety of the relevant data and list it in chronological order. Reveal the way in which your unique method was central to solving a problem, as this is what your readers expect to find out.

Improve Your Drafts

When writing a nursing essay, you need to stick to a pyramidical pattern. Begin by creating a preliminary outline, in which you need to add all of the information you are able to gain access to. Afterward, as you advance with the work, narrow it down to the data that is essential to your subject.

To make sure you can finalize the assignment within the required deadline, you should commence the work early. Before moving on to another draft, you should take some time to rest and ponder on the next course of action. This way, you may come up with new manners of addressing aspects that you haven’t considered before.

To get some valuable feedback, you should have other people look at your preliminary version. Ideally, you should ask someone who has better writing skills or who knows more about nursing than you. In many cases, writers can be very subjective when it comes to their own essays and may overlook some pretty obvious errors.

When refining your nursing essay drafts, you should make use of distinct techniques. Science has proven that our brain processes data better when it’s stimulated utilizing distinct sensory faculties and in different ways. Use the formats presented below:

  • Digital corrections
    • Correct your errors and find linguistic solutions by using the computer.
  • Printed red pen corrections
    • Underline problematic sectors to notice the aspects that require the most consideration.
  • Audible corrections
    • To detect phrasing errors, you need to read the essay out loud.

As you move from one preliminary version to the next, your nursing essay ought to become more comprehensible. Details that are unrelated to the topic will come undone naturally as you’ll identify more adequate manners of explaining your methods. The final version of your nursing essay is going to be very different from your initial rough draft. You’ll be under the impression that your paper is finalized. However, before forwarding the essay, there are still a few more aspects you need to deal with.

Completing Your Nursing Application Essay

Once you feel like your nursing essay has attained its maximum potential, you need to take care of the format of your paper, so as to comply with the submission criteria. A nursing essay should feature a Times New Roman font, size 12. You can either use 1.5 spacing or double spacing. The edges of your paper must not go beyond 2cm.

As indicated earlier, to make sure your nursing essay is of the highest quality, you should verify it on several grammar and orthography sites. To check if important terms haven’t been repeated too often, utilize keyword density websites. If you notice that your essay does include too many repetitions, you can swiftly solve the issue by using the synonym dictionary.

Last but not least, before submitting your nursing essay, you should read the criteria more than once. Moreover, you should establish a precise strategy for fulfilling all of the requirements. You need to prevent formatting errors from impacting the original content of your paper.

Avoid Plagiarism

If plagiarism is detected in your nursing essay, you may fail. However, you can easily avert this scenario by indicating each material you’ve utilized when writing the paper. If there is an absence of quoted materials, your audience may think that you wish to present another author’s work as your own. In case you feel like a passage you’ve found in an external material can bring something valuable to your essay, all you need to do is refer to it in the bibliography, and there won’t be any problems.

When citing a paper or a thesis of a particular author, you need to mention the date of their work between parentheses, next to their name. If you want to add a whole passage from an external material, all you need to do is use quotes on the fragment and insert the author’s name, the date and the page number between parentheses.

Reference Section

Each reference you include in your nursing essay ought to correspond to a more detailed version of it in the bibliography. When doing an online search, you’ll find plenty of websites that can automatically format your references using the MLA style after introducing some variables. This is a much more time-efficient alternative to formatting the paper yourself. Here are a few examples on citing data from distinct varieties of materials:

  • Books: Jacobs-Peterson, C.M. (2013). Caregiving: How to Take Care of Immobilized Patients. A section of a publication edited by a person who was not the author of the chapter: Williams, S. (2014). Alzheimer nursing. In P.B. Johnson, & J.R. Andrews (eds). Nursing: The Most Rewarding Profession. London: National Organization of Nursing Writers, pp. 12-34.
  • Journal Article: Cleary, L., Nielsen, C., & Butler, S. (2005). Working in a hospital environment: Various contradictory perspectives. Nursing Careers, 6, 76-78.
  • Internet Diary Article: Stevens, G., & Anderson, A.L. (1999). How to Advance in A Nursing Career: The Best Types of Nursing Training.

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