Scholarship Essay

There is a particular attribute that can be found in all successful scholarship essays: a specific style adopted by the writer as well as an exclusive glance into the writer’s personality. This original approach is essential. Proving your interest, individualizing your paper and rendering it distinguishable are aspects that intrigue the professor and eventually determine the final result.

How to Begin Work on a Scholarship Essay

The primary phase of your work involves reading the prompt. In general, scholarship essay prompt can be quite puzzling. Consequently, you ought to read the prompt more than once to detect the main topic.

Take a look at the following model of scholarship essay prompt:

  • In order to demonstrate you are worthy of being granted the Scholarship, you need to submit an essay of about 400-500 words in which you showcase your viewpoint on the aspects that define a great leader of international trade. Think of the questions listed below:
    • What are the elements that define a successful international leader? Talk about the way in which you have proven these qualities.
    • What are your vocational targets?
  • Out of the entire prompt, the terms “leader,” “viewpoint,” and “target” are the ones that stand out the most. A great recommendation is to attach the words “distinctive” and “you” to the terms mentioned above.
  • Talk about your particular goals.
  • What are the aspects that define you as a leader?
  • What is your unique viewpoint?

When writing a scholarship essay, you’re basically trying to persuade the reader to finance you. You have to showcase the reasons for which they should consider financing you. Demonstrate why you ought to be the one benefitting from the scholarship.

Once you’ve detected the topics, you need to understand their significance. For instance, if you discuss a leadership position, you need to mention the outcomes that result from it. Talk about the measures you adopted and their consequences. You should do more than merely presenting yourself as a leader. If you’re asked to discuss your vocational targets, present them as a definite strategy instead of an ambiguous possibility. Concentrate on reiterating the topic in the prompt. This way, you’ll demonstrate that you’re aware of what they expect you to talk about.

In case you’re having trouble getting down to work on your scholarship essay, think of a powerful affirmation that will run through the rest of your paper. By doing so, you’ll prove that you have a greater understanding of the topic.

How to Come up with a Winning Scholarship Essay

A winning scholarship essay differs from an unsatisfactory one in the fact that it shows courage. Remember that your reader wishes to offer money. Demonstrate that you are well-aware of your personality and that your previous and current experiences are meaningful and will exert a good influence on future endeavors. Ask yourself whether you like who you are. If the response is affirmative, talk about your individuality and the elements that define it. In case the answer is negative, talk about how you plan to change.

How to Discuss Why You Are Worthy of the Scholarship

“Being worthy” of something is a vast notion. In all likelihood, some of the candidates will be more deserving of the money than you are. However, unless their paper is better than yours, they’re not going to win the scholarship. It is essential to describe the aspects that make you stand out among the other candidates in an impressive and eloquent manner.

What to DO When Writing a Scholarship Essay

  • Stick to a narrative style. Talk about your individual experiences.
  • Come up with a structure before beginning to write. Make sure each of the themes in the prompt is approached in a separate part of the essay.
  • Inquire into the scholarship you want to win and check if you meet the requirements.
  • Make your life story look successful. Your flaws should be presented as obstacles you had to overcome to become who you are now.
  • In addition to using automated spell and grammar check, have another person take a look at your paper and verify if the grammar is correct. Preferably, you should ask more than one person to look over it. Verify your essay as many times as possible.
  • Use realistic examples to support the idea that you’re worthy of the scholarship.
  • Comply with the prompt and the directions precisely as they are conveyed.
  • Write comprehensibly and succinctly. Use uncomplicated phrases and direct concepts.

What to NOT TO DO when Writing a Scholarship Essay

  • Using terms you’re not familiar with. It’s quite likely that you’re using that term in a wrong way. You won’t get any extra points if you include puzzling words!
  • Being nonspecific. Your paper should be as individualized as possible.
  • Starting with a citation. This represents the most inadequate manner of writing a scholarship application essay. Write using your own words and steer clear of stereotypes!
  • Beginning your phrases with statements such as “In this paper, I intend to …”. This is a very bad idea for any type of essay! You also need to avoid transitions such as “To conclude” or “I’ll begin by discussing.”
  • Reiterating your CV. Always account an original story.
  • Talking about how much you necessitate or desire the scholarship. There may be candidates who require the money more than you do. Demonstrate that you’re worthy of the scholarship!

The Conclusion of the Scholarship Essay

The conclusion constitutes the most significant section of any scholarship essay. To begin with, you have to reiterate the topics and sum up the essential aspects of your experience. Nevertheless, you mustn’t stop at this! The conclusion represents the section of your scholarship essay that the audience will keep in mind. To finalize your paper in an impressive and memorable manner, you should choose one of the following tactics:

  • The Cycle: In case you presented a specific point in the introduction, you can reiterate it in the conclusion to generate a fulfilling outcome. For instance, let’s say you discuss your love for veterinary medicine. In that situation, your cycle essay could look like this:
    • Introduction: When I was a small child, I owned a cat named Oscar.
    • Conclusion: By working as a veterinary surgeon, I’ll be able to save another kid’s Oscar.
  • Apart from being a highly efficient method, this also stimulates the reader to relate to what you wrote.
  • Future Plans: If you opt for this variety of conclusion, you must use the future tense. In case your paper approaches your previous or current experiences, a great tactic would be to discuss the way in which those experiences influenced your plans for the future. Take a look at the following example of a future tense conclusion:
    • My plans for the future involve making the most my vast Internet trading expertise in business.
  • The Contemplation: This method of concluding the essay is ideal for proving individual development and describing your flaws as obstacles you overcame. Take a look at the following example:
    • Although at first, I was a terrible shooter, in the course of time I improved myself considerably. Nowadays I am much better at shooting towards a target.

Formatting Your Scholarship Essay

Before you get down to writing, make certain you comply with a guideline when formatting the paper:

  • Double spacing
  • Times New Roman font, size 12
  • 1” edges (upper, lower and lateral)
  • Every paragraph must begin with an ident
  • In the upper left side of the paper, add your family name and the page number

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