Ideas for Student Holiday Getaways

On holidays, students all over world get tired of constant learning, writing assignments and being stressed of deadlines. After a semester of sitting in libraries, reading books, searching someone for “write my essay for me”, they need to relax. So, they try to get a vocation abroad. We can advise several unknown sights in rather popular destinations to visit.

  1. Country in miniature, Portugal. Are you tired of sightseeing tours of endless monuments and cathedrals? Then go to Portugal do Pequenitos in Coimbra, a miniature park where you can see all the sights of Portugal in just one day. In a park built in the 1940s, visitors can admire smaller copies of famous monuments of the country, as well as mock-ups of former Portuguese colonies, such as Africa, East Timor and India. On the way to the collections of miniature dresses and models of ships, you can visit the Azores and Madeira. Well, when you get bored to consider artfully made miniatures, go to the largest museum of Barbie in Portugal, because this is the only part of the park, where everything is depicted in full size.
  2. Cathedral built by one person, Spain. In the quiet town of Mehorada del Campo, 25 minutes from Madrid, a local resident, 90-year-old Justo Gaigo, alone builds a cathedral. In 1961, he seriously contracted tuberculosis and promised the Virgin Mary to build a cathedral in gratitude for the salvation. It’s been 50 years and the promised cathedral is almost completed. With rickety towers, lumpy cement and self-made stained glass, the structure is more like one of the works of Antoni Gaudi. This cathedral is a fusion of Spanish religiosity and its nonconformist spirit. It consists of an aspidum, a transept, three cloisters and a dome, modeled after the dome from the church of St. Peter. Entrance is free of charge; donations are welcome.
  3. Tropical Islands”, Germany. Residents of Berlin like to swim. The city is full of public pools, and in Brandenburg, there are many lakes with sandy beaches, where the locals and tourists come to in summer. True one place stands out among others. The water park “Tropical Islands” is located 60 km south of the German capital: right in the heart of northern Europe. It is in the former hangar for airships, which amazes with its size. There is everything that is associated with the tropics: palm trees, exotic birds, a beach, a pirate ship, as well as water slides, sun loungers, gazebos decorated with flowers, a huge spa, souvenir shops and even a small nudist beach.
  4. Beer baths, Austria. Most of all in the world, the Austrians love the spa and beer, so the beer basins in the cellar of the 200-year-old brewery came in handy. In the mountain village of Tarrenz, 65 km west of Innsbruck, there is the Starkenberger brewery, which offers a unique opportunity: to take a beer bath. The only negative – you should not drink beer from the bath. Visitors must book a swimming pool in advance. One vat costs about 250 €.
  5. Paper Google, Belgium. Belgium has a large selection of unusual museums, but, Mundaneum is probably the strangest of them. It is located in the building of the former department store in Mons and contains a huge collection of newspapers, catalog cards, posters, tickets and software. The collection was started by a Belgian lawyer and pacifist Paul Otlet, who tried to collect all the knowledge of the world in one collection, called Mundaneum. But the project ran into financial difficulties and, finally, the collection was parked in Brussels. It was virtually destroyed, but in 1998 the extravagant Major Elio di Rupo of Mons saved it. The collection is considered the first paper version of the Internet.