Technology Essay: Example and Tips

Examples of topics for technology essay

  1. The utility and threat of rapid development of technology
  2. Pros and cons of e-learning
  3. Our world in 100 years from now
  4. The role of social networks in our life
  5. Online dating: development or degradation
  6. Debate on cloning
  7. Modern innovative technologies and spheres of their use – example of technology essay example

Template of technology essay

Modern innovative technologies and spheres of their use

We live in the most interesting time in the history of mankind. Technologies are developing exponentially and not linearly as before. At the moment, there are predictions on innovative forecasts and technology development for the next hundred years. Studying of modern knowledge in the field of the newest technological directions, including management of innovations and the organization of innovative processes, covers a unique direction of modern science – innovation. At its core, the modern innovative technologies we are discussing have a trend towards achieving the needs of the modern world, both public and vital, directly affecting the person in conditions of some uncertainty.

Often, innovative technologies are associated with a huge number of problem areas and issues and directly with the subject of study and research. If we approach the very essence of the notion of modern innovative technologies, then this is undoubtedly a novelty in the world trends of technologies and solutions, both with a technical component and relating to management processes including labor coordination, based on unique experience, recent scientific achievements and of course same efficiency in methodology. Innovative technologies are aimed at improving the quality of products and perfection of the production sector. The term innovative technologies implies not to just something new or some unusual innovation, which is intended and has the ability and competence to drastically and seriously increase the effectiveness of any zone of responsibility.

Classification of innovative technologies

The introduction of innovative technologies entails the integrity of activities and organizational developments directed directly at the development, production, operation and maintenance and, if necessary, carrying out and directly repairing and restoring the product or innovation with the most optimally used costs for the work and, of course, with nominal quantitative characteristics. The introduction of modern innovations is aimed at the perfect and effective use of both economic and material resources. Here is a rather convenient overview of the classification of innovative technologies:

  1. On the processes of innovation.
  2. basic or radical – refer to large-scale inventions or discoveries, as a result of which the formation of modern generations or a unique trend in the development of technological progress.
  3. Innovation of the average potential.
  4. Partial, modification innovative innovations. Changing obsolete technologies, equipment and organizational processes in production.
  5. By industry and scale.
  6. industry innovations
  7. interbranch innovations
  8. regional innovations
  9. innovations within the firm or enterprise
  10. Needs of innovation
  11. Innovations of a reactive nature, in a literal sense, help to maintain the state of a company or firm, with a direct act of implementing innovative solutions by competitions.
  12. Innovations of a strategic nature – a decision taken to advance with the direct intention of gaining competitive advantage in the time perspective.
  13. The effect of innovation itself
  14. Innovation of an economic nature
  15. Innovation of a social nature
  16. Innovation of an ecological character
  17. Innovations of an integral nature.

When creating the very system of innovative technologies, it is often appropriate to identify the processes of diagnosis and research of innovations. The term innovation was first noticed in Latin, it has been tracked since the middle of the 17th century and is important as the introduction of something new into the already existing area of ​​responsibility, becoming in this sphere and initiating the complex and processes of changes in this field.

Innovation is the process of introducing, innovating, realizing the innovation itself into the sphere, and is not an object. The success of modern innovation technology is associated with a set of interconnected types of work, the interaction between which leads to the immediate emergence and achievement of a real innovation (modern invention).

Stages of innovation process

In the very diagnosis of the innovation process, several stages are distinguished:

  1. Before carrying out the innovation (by identifying the problem zones that have the right to live in the process of implementing the most innovative process, the information processed in this way is characterized as information of ideological and political color.)
  2. At the time of the innovation itself, the rethinking of the knowledge gained earlier makes it possible to produce instant improvements, design works for the implementation of innovation with possible clarifications of the emerging situational features.
  3. After the implementation of the innovation (a diagnostic process is carried out to compare the environment of innovation and the processes of its implementation.

At the moment, the opinion and the tendency clearly shows that there is no competitive line of goods and services, only competition in the innovative strategy of modern management. At the moment, innovative manufacturing firms do not compete for the product itself, which is rapidly changing and innovating, so it becomes absolutely useless to try and reproduce something. In the modern innovative world, a distinct competitive trend of the management model. Undoubtedly, the obvious leader in the reproduction of goods is the Chinese business, which at the moment is able not only to do something, but has adopted a modern management model that allows the implementation of modern innovative solutions and technologies with unprecedented speeds and quite short time intervals. It was always possible to reproduce the goods, but only the companies with the most effective management model can win in the term of modern innovative technologies.

Not one innovative company that has taken the trend of development of modern technologies can win in this race unless it improves and transforms the business management model. It was perfectly demonstrated by well-known companies Google, Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, Uber. The modern innovative world of technology development has swept agility, with flexibility, mobility, speed and even agility. In the world of transformation, the attitude to commodities changes, if it used to be gas, fertilizer, oil, etc., now the commodity is already video cameras, televisions, telephones, and so on.

Spheres of innovation process and technological progress

In the world of modern innovations, there are also completely new multipliers of the market capitalization of companies. Very interesting and vivid examples of the development and take-off are of Netflix and undoubtedly Uber.

The modern world and, of course, technology comprehend major changes and transformations that are visible in virtually all sectors of the economy.

So in the banking sector, JP Morgan and Citigroup are moving to storing their information and data already in public clouds (Amazon Cloud), and undoubtedly the whole development in perfect Big Date, the storage volumes of information are increasing and growing with cosmic speeds. Changes that are noticeable in the financial sector of the economy of the modern world are surely the transition to agile, remote customer service, personal finance, committed credit platforms and corporate banking. There were innovative financial companies that made modern reorganizations in the process, which they do completely free of charge for customers and learn to make profit for themselves. Many banks are trying or will switch in the near future only to mobile technologies and versions of their products and will completely depart in the near future from offices and terminal-hardware versions.

Undoubtedly, the modern banking world expects an explosive growth in the use of innovative PFM platforms (personal financial manager) using in its technologies and consultations customers by artificial advisors, machine learning and even deepmachine.

The main priority and the most important value of almost all of humanity is the receipt of a quality modern education. Here, the achievements in the field of interactive innovations and multimedia tools come to the aid in training. In everyday life, the new term “smart school”, equipped in modern conditions, not only with projectors and computers and, but also with completely unique innovative technologies in the field of education itself.

Examples of unique technologies and innovations

Let’s take a look at some of the current and widely-discussed in the media popular and in some way unique innovations:

  1. Electronic devices to the human body

This kind of virtually invisible innovative devices are mainly designed to control the work of human organs and its condition and well-being or to help a person in vital situations. For example, headphones, embedded and invisible in the auricle – remove the cardiovascular system, there are sensors in the form of temporary tattoos on the body to monitor the body’s posture and if it is corrected to manipulate the treatment process, moreover, the tattoo will remove and take out the required display a lot of information about work of important organs of the human body, and glued tactile electronic soles in a situation of necessity will tell you the right way and direction by signal GPS and vibration. This technology represents an electronic guide for the blind person.

Known to everyone wearable and already gaining popularity innovative electronics Google Glass, also used in medicine for surgical bacterial interventions.

  1. Neurocomputer interface is a neural system designed to allow free exchange of information between an electronic device and the human brain on the other hand, more often using the method of biofeedback.

This innovation makes it possible to control a computer device only by the power of thought. This technology “brain-computer” also finds wide application and is tested in medicine (with paralysis of hands, feet and other ailments). In ophthalmology, the development and testing of brain implants capable of restoring a person’s vision is is the progress.

  1. Extraction of metals from sea water concentrate.

Everyone knows the world ecological problem of mankind – constantly decreasing natural reserves of fresh water.

Conducting artificial desalination makes it possible to significantly increase the world’s supply of fresh water, but this technology borders on serious shortcomings and problems of environmental practices. Directly for carrying out the desalination procedure, a lot of energy is needed and during the reaction itself a waste is obtained in the form of highly concentrated salt water. In the case of direct return of this concentrate to the sea, one can get a natural cataclysm in the form of a negative impact on the flora and fauna of the world’s oceans.

Scientists have invented a new innovative approach to solving the problem issue with this waste. From the concentrate of sea salt water, they have learned to extract the most valuable and most important for mankind substances and minerals-potassium, uranium, magnesium, lithium, soda and potassium compounds.

The development of methods for obtaining gold from sea water is unique today. According to scientific statistics and calculations, no less than 8-1- billion tons of gold is in the world ocean.

  1. Innovative pharmacology of RNA filaments

Scientists invented an innovative vaccine preparation from the smallest networks of the molecular composition of RNA (ribonucleic acid), capable of restoring the patient’s immunity, from the information obtained about a bacterial or viral protein taken off by RNA networks.

With the direct introduction of these drugs from RNA, it is possible in the natural conditions of the human body to optimize the drug protein and the ratio of natural protein, if it is in pathological norms. In the pharmacological world, a symbiosis in the work of private clinics, major scientific centers and pharmaceutical companies is monitored for this innovation.

  1. Innovational composite materials

Scientists have invented ultralight nanostructured fibers for unique composite materials used in automotive engineering and the construction of modern space vehicles, hydroelectric stations, ballistic missiles. Ultra-light technology consumes much less fuel, moreover it is less toxic in air pollution.

  1. Innovative probiotics in the treatment of human diseases

Another unique technology in modern medicine that helps cure serious intestinal disorders and diseases in humans. Probiotics are living microorganisms in the human body, the normal balance of which leads to a positive effect on human health.

Scientific methods in the innovative development of perfect probiotics and the technology of their creation and production are in constant perfection.

  1. Digital cytoscope

Again, innovative technology for the benefit of human health and related to the category of medical technology. The cytoscope adapter is attached to the cloud storage database, where all the patient’s information about the heartbeat and pulmonary breathing accumulates in the cloud and is further subjected to analysis. Having at disposal a huge database of clinical sounds and previous diagnoses with the patient, the diagnosis is put in the shortest time and the correct and timely treatment is prescribed.

  1. Mobile DNA laboratory

Modern diagnostic innovative research of the DNA chain conducted practically by the desktop laboratory and in a very short time – about three hours, previously even in the stationary and standard methods of this study, this took a day.

  1. Cosmic technologies

In the modern world, the scientific world of a number of countries and companies is working on programs that can change our knowledge and position in space in the coming years.

The development of a space elevator is no longer a fantasy, but a real development of a man, where due to the centrifugal force a lift will rise on the cable, which will also receive acceleration due to the rotation of the earth. This is a cheaper way of bringing cargo into space than using rocket boosters. The problem of launching this innovative technology into commercial operation is the insufficient strength and hardness of materials available to science at this stage of time.