Animal Right Essay: Example and Tips

We continue our series of articles “how to write an essay + example” with an article about animal rights essay. Read carefully and use wisely!

How to write essay about animal rights

How to start writing an essay? First of all, you need to choose a topic, narrow it down according to the required volume and give yourself enough time to think about it. You should look at the problem of animal rights from different angles. Read various sources, talk to people who have the opposite point of view. The main thing at this stage is to create your own position, which you will defend in the essay.

Take a notebook and right down the main theses, which prove your position. Choose three main ones, which you find the strongest and find arguments to support them. These theses and arguments will form the main body of your essay.

In the conclusion, sum up your position about animal rights. Read the essay again. Does it sound convincing? If yes, you have achieved your goal. If no, correct the mistakes till the result satisfies you.

Animal right essay example

Not so long ago I came across a note about a chilling movie that was shot by inhuman about killing stray dogs just for fun. I don’t even know whether I was shocked, pissed off, or just sick. But no one can tell me “do not take it personally” – it does not work.

Since childhood, all children have been taught that human life is precious. However, most people do not even think about those who live nearby and are completely dependent on them – I mean animals. There is no denying that people kill animals. Honestly, I understand when this happens for the sake of food or clothing. But when for fun, it makes me nervous.

It is well known that there are organizations that protect animals and wildlife, such as WWF (International Fund for the Protection of Nature), WSPA (International Society for the Protection of Animals) or Greenpeace. Their activity is certainly useful, as it makes the authorities feel their responsibility for the environment.

In addition, some celebrities are also attracting people’s attention to this issue. For example, Hollywood star Pamela Anderson, who is a member of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). She often gives interviews and supports animal rights campaigns in the media. One of the latest campaigns is against the KFC fast-food restaurant chain, which is accused of animal abuse.

In my hometown too, there are people who do not want to remain indifferent and are trying to save helpless cats and dogs. These volunteers created a shelter for homeless animals, treat them and try to find a family for them. It’s not too late yet. Because there are others, who do not hesitate to contact the authorities with a proposal to kill puppies, as “dogs are dangerous.”

As for me, I am absolutely convinced that each of us can help stray animals. Please take some food for them. You will not become poorer if you give a bone to a dog or milk to a kitten.

Animal rights in Europe are preserved in different ways. For example, Austria has the toughest law to protect animals. Now it will be a crime to keep chickens in cramped cages, to cut off the tail and ears of dogs, to tie up livestock with tight ropes.

Also, according to the new law, it is categorically forbidden to use lions and other wild animals in circuses, you cannot keep a dog on a chain, collar, stranglehold, or use the so-called “invisible fence” in the yard, which hits the animal with electricity if it crosses a certain line.

In addition, it is forbidden to keep puppies and kittens in the stuffy show-windows of pet shops. Violators of the law face a fine of $ 2 to 15 thousand. Also, the authorities reserve the right to take an animal from its owner.

In Switzerland, pets have a special status. The National Council – the lower house of the Swiss parliament – adopted a bill that provides pets with a special legal status. From now on, they are no longer equal to things. This means that during the proceedings the interests of the “smaller brothers” will be taken into account, for example, when dividing the property in court for the divorce of pet owners. If until now the dog or cat was simply evaluated by their market value, now the judge has the right to give them to the former spouse with whom, in his opinion, the animal will feel better.

If a four-legged friend is injured because of someone else’s fault, the judge may oblige the culprit to pay for treatment at the veterinarian, even if these expenses exceed the cost of the animal. If a claim is filed for the collection of debts, it is forbidden to confiscate as payment of the debt of domestic animals. If someone has found a lost animal, then he is obliged to inform the owner of the four-legged or competent authorities. But if after two months the owner does not appear, the animal becomes the legal property of the one who found it and gave shelter.

In Italy, for an abandoned cat – a year in prison. Such a law was passed several years ago designed to protect animals from being cruel to them. According to this law, anyone who throws a cat or a dog will be held criminally liable. Anyone who is found guilty may be imprisoned for a period of one year, and will also be obliged to pay a fine of 10 thousand euros.

The authorities of the Italian town of Reggio Emilia issued a law that obliges in every way to pamper, groom and cherish their cats, dogs and birds. For a lack of mercy, you can earn a fine of 500 euros. According to the new law of the city council of Turin, Italy, owners of dogs who take animals for a walk less than three times a day face fines of up to 500 euros.

Laws concerning the protection of animal rights in Turin occupy a whole 20-page brochure. In particular, it is forbidden to sell goldfish in plastic bags in the city. The law also prohibits dyeing pets in different colors and applying “different injuries” for aesthetic reasons, such as tail docking.

United Kingdom has a constitution for cats. Many people will now want to receive the status of British pets. The British Parliament has given the rights and freedoms of the British Isles 7 million dogs, 8 million cats and cats, 650 thousand horses, 2 million rabbits and uncountable poultry. The law provides for tougher liability of pet owners for violating the law: from large fines to imprisonment.

The European Parliament decided to completely ban the testing of cosmetics on animals in Europe. In Europe, the rights of cats and dogs are protected by the Convention for the Protection of Animals against Abuse. In some countries, it is impossible to leave a dog locked in a car on a sunny day – the cabin heats up quickly and the dog may have heat stroke. The policeman who has sees it should break glass and can fine the owner of a dog.

Under John Paul II, the Catholic Church recognized the soul of the dogs. They can now go to the temple.