Romeo and Juliet Essay: Example and Tips

Romeo and Juliet is one of the greatest books ever written. It is the most often staged play all over the world. The book is read by school children and students all over the world. It has been filmed many times, and the roles of Romeo and Juliet have been played by the most famous actors. These are just a few facts about this play written by William Shakespeare.

It is not a surprise that teachers often offer their students to reflect their knowledge and emotions towards this book in the essay. All sorts of essay can be written about this play. Depending on the task, students need to highlight different aspects of the tragedy and stop their attention on a particular thing. Pay attention to a specific task. Here are some examples of what type of assignment you can get and what topics for essays you can take for it.

Examples of topics for essays of different types about Romeo and Juliet

  1. Evaluative essay – Romeo and Juliet – the greatest tragedy of all times
  2. Comparative essay – comparative analysis of male heroes in Romeo and Juliet
  3. Argumentative essay – 10 reasons why Romeo and Juliet is the best play
  4. Personal essay – My impression of Romeo and Juliet love story
  5. Narrative essay – the power of love capable of conquering even death (on William Shakespeare’s tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”) – example

Romeo and Juliet essay example. The power of love capable of conquering even death (on William Shakespeare’s tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”)


It can’t be stopped by walls…

We have read a real masterpiece of world literature: the tragedy written by great and famous William Shakespeare “Romeo and Juliet.” Imagination can easily take us to the XIV century, to the Italian city of Verona. On the stage, we meet two warring families – Montague and Capulets, they hate each other fiercely, although they have long forgotten what the reason for their quarrel was. They are dominated by the ancient custom of vendetta, blood feud, when death must be paid for by death. And in an environment saturated with poisonous malice, where any trifle serves as a pretext for bloody skirmishes, a lush bud of love is blossoming that has scorned the perennial tribal enmity.

Young Montague and young Capulets forget about family intransigence, as the feeling that they have mastered instantly breaks the wall of alienation that separates them. Despite her incomplete 14 years, Juliet possesses the richest spiritual world, she is intelligent, courageous and spontaneous. Upon learning that Romeo heard her declaration of love for him, the girl is embarrassed, but, having convinced himself of the sincerity of his feelings, he takes a step that has become a complete surprise for two families. Having fallen in love with the young man, Juliet wisely argues that his belonging to a hostile surname does not matter to her. In turn, Romeo is ready to be baptized a second time and to give up his generic name if it becomes an obstacle to his love.

On the side of the young people stands the monk Lorenzo. He secretly crowns them, hoping that this marriage will lead to the reconciliation of childbirth. However, soon after the sacrament of the wedding, Romeo in a skirmish kills Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt – a fierce supporter of the principle of blood revenge, and is forced to go into exile. His beloved, having learned from the senseless story of the wet nurse about the death of a relative, at first angrily exposes the man who betrayed her, as she thinks. But then Juliet herself reproaches herself for such thoughts. Their love again meets obstacles and again they need to fight for it.

However, fate is preparing a new test for the girl: Capulet’s father decides to marry her to Paris, a relative of the Duke of Verona, as soon as possible. Not understanding the true cause of the tragedy of his daughter, he thinks only of practical benefit: this marriage will provide an opportunity to rise to his whole family. But Juliet does not intend to surrender, she decides to fight to the end for her love. All her courage, all her feeling is manifested in the fatal scene, when she, on the advice of a monk, drinks a sleeping pill. How understandable is the fear of a young girl when she reflects on the fact that she has to wake up in a family crypt among the tombs with the dead. But she, having overcome fear, still drinks a drink, because she understands that this test is the only way to connect with her beloved.

Monk Lorenzo, who invented a plan to save the love of young people, could not take into account all the vicissitudes of fate in advance. An unexpected plague prevented him from warning Romeo that Juliet’s death was fake. From this moment on, events take a tragic turn. The love of the young man is so strong that he and the dead Juliet is not inferior to Paris. He decides to drink poison, so as not to part with his beloved, even in death. Juliet, waking up in a crypt, sees Romeo dead. Without hesitation, she thrusts a dagger into her heart, since she cannot live without her lover. How simple, sincere the girl behaves in the hour of the last choice.

The death of Romeo and Juliet affects their parents so deeply that they forget their enmity. What the duke could not achieve with his threats, comes under the influence of this tragic lesson, which made the parents understand the cruel meaninglessness of their enmity. But the price paid for it is too high.

Striking in their integrity and expressiveness, the images of Romeo and Juliet are a living embodiment of love, without knowing compromise, selfless and boundless love, overcoming danger, fears and even death. The play written by William Shakespeare shows us the extreme power of love, which can even lead to death. Romeo and Juliet became the victims of this strong feeling.