Florida State University (FSU) Essay: Example and Tips

Florida State University (FSU) is a US public university located in Tallahassee, Florida. It is a research university with a very high research activity, determined by the Carnegie Foundation. The university includes 16 individual colleges and more than 110 centers, facilities, laboratories and institutes that offer over 300 training programs, including professional programs. FSU is the only national laboratory in Florida – the National Laboratory for High Magnetic Fields, and is home to the commercially successful anti-cancer drug Taxol. The University of Florida also operates the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, the State Museum of Art of Florida and one of the largest museums / university complexes in the country. Florida State University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools as a VI level state institution.

The University was established in 1851 and is one of the oldest universities in the state of Florida. In 1905, the first student in university history received the Rhodes Scholarship. In 1977, the first student of FSU received the first female Rhodes Scholarship in Florida. In 2012, US News & World Report named the university the most effective national university in the US. Florida State University is one of two Florida state universities that qualify as an “outstanding university” (Florida Bill 1076, signed by Governor Rick Scott in 2013).

7 cliches, which should be avoided when writing fsu essay

Essays for admission to Florida State University often contain typical stories and clichés, which will be discussed in this material. “Tell us about your personal qualities, talents, achievements or experience that you consider the most significant.” In one form or another this question is asked when entering almost any American university, forcing members of the Admission Committee to read thousands of essays that differ so little from each other.

So, how can you make your essay noticed in the ocean of the same stories? Begin with the choice of a suitable topic, which will help you describe your experience in a capacious and sincere way, while demonstrating the opportunity to write beautifully.

However, it is easy to say not to do. Before choosing what you will write about in your fsu essay, it is useful to know which topics should be avoided and why. Here are some of the most popular template topics.

  1. A story about a volunteer project demonstrating your willingness to help others.

“Many applicants decide to write about their participation in the volunteer project or involvement in the activities of the church,” says Marie Chaufer, head of the Admissions Committee. “This is a wonderful experience that has undoubtedly affected your personal development. The only problem is that wherever you go and whatever projects you are involved in, the conclusion is always the same – you like helping people. And it’s great, – she explains, – but, unfortunately, this experience will not help you stand out against the background of other applicants».

  1. “Continuity of a certain profession in your family” as a topic of fsu essay example.

“There is nothing wrong with being proud that your family is also associated with the profession you have chosen, but the continuity speculation does not help you “sell” yourself to the admissions committee,” explains Christopher Hall, assistant professor at the University. “Perhaps Mick Jagger is an excellent singer,” he adds, “but this does not guarantee that this gift was passed on to his children. Therefore, it’s better to tell about your own talents and abilities, and not about the achievements of your great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers.”

  1. Overcoming sports trauma in the center of the narrative of your admission essay.

As Drew Nichols, the member of the Admissions Committee of the University of St. Edwards, rightly points out: “Applicants of most American universities come from different classes of society. Many promising candidates had to go through such difficulties as poverty, a difficult family situation, a serious illness. The essay on the topic of a sports injury demonstrates only by the fact that you do not realize how lucky you are.” “If you bring the inability to play football for one semester as the biggest difficulty in your life,” he explains, “then you simply do not realize what challenges some of your peers have to face.”

  1. Description of the national disaster in the fsu admission essay.

“Usually, American universities ask you to write an essay to learn more about you, but this information can get lost if the focus of the narrative is tragic events from the history of your country,” explains Michel Curtis-Bailey, lead reception officer and coordinator of the University’s Educational Opportunities Program. “After the hurricane Sandy hit New York in late October 2012, at the peak of the application season,” she says, “we received many essays, the authors of which somehow referred to these events. But, again, retelling what happened to them and their families during the hurricane, the entrants did not achieve their cherished goal, because this information did not say anything about their personality.” “We already know how natural disasters can affect the lives of our future students, do not write once again about the experience, which exactly repeats the stories of other applicants,” – sums up Michel.

  1. A story about a trip that helped you realize how hard it is for young people from poor US classes as a topic for an essay on admission.

“Quite often, we receive essays that describe the experience of helping poor countries, for example, by building houses or teaching English to local people,” Hall says. “But the whole value of such an experience comes to naught as soon as people start writing about how this project helped them realize in what situation the inhabitants of poor areas of American cities are, or to feel a special emotional connection with the inhabitants of the USA citizens who are in distress.” Hall believes that “the comparison of young people from poor areas of the US with the inhabitants of Third World countries shows a lack of understanding of cultural differences and lack of the ability to truly empathize.”

  1. A description of the impressive sporting successes.

“The pitch or goal that brought victory in the game, or other sporting successes also often become the topic of an essay,” the Chauffeur shares his experience. “It is important to take into account the fact that a member of the admissions committee reading your story may not be familiar with the subtleties of this sport and is not interested in how the semi-final match of the 5th district ended.” “If you decide to write about sports,” Chauffeur advises, “let it be better an essay challenging the appropriateness of one of the rules of the game or describing your stamina during daily training.”

  1. Story about the role model in fsu essay.

“The problem with such essays is that they are usually written exclusively about parents, grandmothers, grandfathers, coaches or teachers, and their content is not related to the personality of the entrant himself,” explains Curtis-Bailey. She believes that this topic should be avoided to those students who “can not show the connection of their own qualities with the characteristics of the role model or demonstrate that his or her example inspired them to real actions.”

The most important thing is honesty.

Members of the admissions office of the Florida State University, who reads the essay, wants to hear your own story. “Think about what’s special about your story,” Nicholls recommends, “and tell it honestly and sincerely.”

Do not try to appear as someone else just to impress the reader. “We often get essays written in words that you rarely see in everyday conversation and which seem to be called upon to create the impression that the beholder has a broad vocabulary,” says Curtis-Bailey. There is no need to use lofty words, “when all we want is to see what kind of person you are, without digging into dictionaries in search of the meaning of the terms used.”

Examples of topics for fsu essay

  1. Tell a story from your life, describing an experience that either demonstrates your character or helped to shape it. – Topic used for example essay
  2. Describe a time when you made a meaningful contribution to others in which the greater good was your focus. Discuss the challenges and rewards of making your contribution.
  3. Has there been a time when you’ve had a long-cherished or accepted belief challenged? How did you respond? How did the challenge affect your beliefs?

Template of FSU essay example. Three events that changed my life

There are many events that are completely capable of changing our lives! Even not so much life as us ourselves! After all, it can not be that there was a man alone, and then for no apparent reason he became completely different! There is always a reason for everything. So it happened to me. I will talk about the three events of my life, after which I became different.

One of the first such events happened to me when I was 15 years old. My grandmother died. I loved her so much, we were very close and I still grieve for her. She was very kind, wise, taught me a lot and brought up. Actually why did this event change me?! Before that, I often postponed everything for later, did everything at the last moment, but after that event I became completely different. I realized that you need to do everything at once, because you can simply not have time … after all, it happened with me … my grandmother was put in a hospital and I thought that it was not so serious and she would certainly recover. I planned to visit her three days after I found out about her arrival at the hospital. It was on that ill-fated day when I was about to visit my beloved grandmother, they called me and told me the news: my grandmother died… only after that I realized how stupid I was. After all, if I valued every minute and did not postpone everything for later, I would be able to catch it … and kiss her goodbye … I write and tears come again. How terrible and sad it is to realize that a person changes only when something terrible happens.

Perhaps many people, when they lose a loved one, understand soon that they have not done much for the one they lost. Now I live by the principle: “Do it now, because it may be too late!” And when my grandfather was dying, I acted on this principle, clearly realizing that I do not want to repeat my mistake again! And if only it was possible to bring back time, I would hold my grandmother’s hand to the very end, I will never forgive myself for my attitude and negligence. The only good thing is that I have become completely different. By this lesson, I changed my views on the lives of many of my friends, who also postponed everything until later, and now they also try to always come to the rescue this minute and do everything in time. I believe, telling our examples from life, we are able to help people avoid such terrible mistakes. Let people learn from other people’s mistakes.

The second event in my life, so it turned out, was no less tragic. In my life it often happens that I study only on tragic and sad deeds. I understand this perfectly, but I can not always convey much. Well, let’s not talk about this, but return to another of the events of my life. The event happened just recently, a month ago, but for this month I have overthought a lot! I really like fast driving! Especially when in the back seat your friends are sitting and all of you are catching. Of course, I always knew that this is a great threat to life, anything can happen. But unfortunately we understand everything only when something happens! And I must say it happened!

As I said, it was about a month ago when I got a call at night and was told that my friend, my best friend, had a car accident. He remained alive, and three of his passengers were killed, including another my good friend. The first thoughts that arose in my head: “What was he thinking when he was speeding on the streets of the city?” But this question was followed by the following: “What exactly do I think when I do the same?” The whole night I was hoping that it was just a bad dream and everything is fine with my friends. But no! This all turned out to be a terrible reality!

This event taught me much. As if opened my eyes to obvious at first glance things! I realized that I will never drive a car and risk my life and the lives of others who are dear to me. I thought about it all and realized that you need to protect yourself and others, because in the world there is too much danger without it. I do not know how my friend will live with this grief, because he sent his close friends to the next world. Now I understand the responsibility when you are driving a car. I also began to understand that when you are driving, you are responsible for every person on the road. After what happened to all my friends I tell this story and see in their eyes a rethinking of what is happening. It is seen that not only in me everything has changed, but in others it is changing. It’s just awful that to understand something, we must go through sometimes completely terrible things. But this is life and destiny.

My third event in my life was no less important to me. And no less shocking from a psychological point of view. This event also taught me a lot, opened my eyes. The only bad thing is that if after the first two events I have changed for the better, at least I think so, the result of the third one is negative.

It happened when I was 16 years old. Age, when young people want to love and be loved, when you appreciate any little things and enjoy everything that surrounds you. I loved a guy, he loved me, as it seemed to me. I was completely sure that he was my future husband and father of my future children. Oh my God! How deeply I was mistaken! After a year and a half of in the relationship, I found out that he had cheated on me. What was happening in my head can not be described. I did not want to live or breathe any further. I knew that I simply could not forgive him! I trusted him so much and was confident in him! I did not trust anyone like that! It so happened that having opened the person completely and giving him all of myself, I received as a gratitude a terrible pain. I was treated like a toy that was used and thrown away when it was not needed. This event left an imprint in me.

Now I do not believe and trust people the way I did before. I try not to reveal myself to them. I’m afraid to fall in love, because if they do it to me again, I’m sure I will not survive it! It became difficult not only to believe people, but also to develop new relationships. The past is still remembered. I understand that not everyone is like that! But what if the next one is the same? Probably everything has its time and eventually I will recover psychologically and meet a person who will help me in this.

Thus, summing up all three of the previously listed events from my life, I want to say that all of them have coordinated me and my world view. Which is for the better, and what is alas, but for the worst! I realized that we change only under the influence of the events that occur in our lives. The main thing is to try to learn the right lesson from everything that life gives us.