Great College Essay Topics

General Information About College Essay Prompts

If you want to get accepted into an American college, you need to be prepared to showcase your writing abilities by submitting a paper on a certain subject. It goes without saying that universities appreciate things like your GPA, extracurricular pastimes or exceptional skills. Your college essay grants the college a distinct point of view on your academic abilities and enables them to understand what they can expect from you. If your college application essay is ordinary and indistinguishable, it’s quite likely that you won’t be accepted as a student. While there may also be exceptions, it’s pretty obvious that if you write a remarkable essay on a personal subject you have a better shot at being admitted to the college of your dreams!

College essay prompts are offered to you as patterns that admission board members use to find out the particular details they’re interested in. The primary objective of college essay prompts is to help in enhancing the final application by showcasing the exclusive contribution a particular student can make. In most cases, applicants will be granted either persuasive essay prompts, which have the objective of persuading the admission board member that the student has what it takes to attend the college, or personal essay prompts, which give applicants the opportunity of talking about an individual experience and explaining how the influence it exerted on them will be profitable to the college.

Advice on Writing a Common Application Essay

The common application site serves as an instrument that you can use to forward a large number of applications quicker and more productively. Since it was first implemented in the academic system, a lot of applicants have regarded it as a highly helpful tool for the university admission procedure. As a result, the number of students who use it has increased considerably! Seeing as the common application site is based on a database for university application information, certain criteria had to be established.

To begin with, your college application essay must not exceed a limit of 650 words. So, keep in mind that you mustn’t write an entire novel for your university application! Of course, 650 words is not a lot. You may be inclined to believe that you cannot possibly convey an original and remarkable story in only 650 words. However, the prompts instruct you on how to write succinctly and subtly. In general, writing unnecessary terms or phrases in your essay does not put you in a good light, as it pressures the reader into straying from the primary ideas. This being said, take a look at our useful advice on writing a distinguishable common application essay:

  • When deciding on a subject for your common app essay, you should ideally concentrate on narrative essay topics which aren’t too sizeable. As mentioned earlier, you can’t possibly write an entire novel in only 650 words. So, you should attempt to concentrate your ideas on a particular recollection that may be regarded as a valuable life lesson. For instance, a compelling topic could approach the lessons you drew from getting out of your comfort zone (of course, without including any extreme details like drug consumption), or how your personal views changed when you got hired on your first part-time job.
  • Entertaining the admission officer is essential! Consider the fact that the admission board member has already gone through a very large number of essays before moving on to yours. The process has long ago become a routine for them. So, bring something different to the table! Stimulate the admission officer to actually ENJOY going through your paper! To achieve this, all you need to do is merge the elements of this method into a single paper. This is your best shot at providing an entertaining and distinctive piece of text. Your essay should feature a fascinating subject, logical and coordinated structure, rich lexicon (up to a point), correct grammar as well as an original writing style! While all this may seem difficult and intimidating, you can definitely do it if you’re enthusiastic and perseverant!
  • Providing lively details and attentively editing your paper are two aspects that are essential to keeping the audience engaged. Make your essay seem alive by providing a background and clarifying where, when and how you were engaging in a certain activity. For instance, rather than writing “I love cats” you could attempt to affirm something more compelling like “Whiskers, a stray Siamese cat showed up in my backyard on a cold winter evening, apparently hungry and tired. The only thing I could think of was to adopt her”. To put it otherwise, give your tale life and demonstrate how it influenced you in a precise and succinct way. Last but not least, take your time when editing the essay. Read your paper in its entirety and make sure that it has an adequate flow and that it can catch the audience’s interest!

Analyzing College Essay Topics

The topic constitutes a crucial element of any exciting and captivating essay. In some cases, the topic is all it takes to seize or lose the attention of an admission board member. While perfect grammar, lexicon, structure and style are undoubtedly significant aspects, unless your topic is regarded as interesting from the very start, it will be pretty hard to grab the audience’s attention. Due to this reason, opting for a compelling subject is the primary phase of drafting a winning college application essay.

Statistics have shown that 47% of applicants decide to talk about themselves. In other words, they discuss their passions, skills or past experiences. 22% of students choose to write about a type of individual accomplishment. 17% of them talk about a harmful choice or a fiasco. 10% of applicants chose to offer a solution to a problem. Lastly, 4% of students dispute a well-established concept. By studying these statistics, you can notice an evident tendency. The majority of applicants have the tendency of choosing to talk about themselves. They try to showcase their remarkable traits and stand out amongst the other contestants. Solely 14% of applicants strive to exceed the norms by approaching “real-life” problems.

86% of students tend to opt for reflective or narrative essay subjects. They try to use their individual attributes and expressivity to stimulate the excitement of the admission board members. Although this may be seen as a pretty reasonable tactic, the issues emerge from the fact that this is highly superfluous when it comes to university applications, particularly common application essays. Of course, no one says you can’t present an outstanding tale that you regard as semi-groundbreaking.  However, you should ponder on the general quality of your reflective or narrative paper. In case you believe it can truly catch the attention of the admission officer, you should go for it!

If you wish to really ASTONISH the admission board, you should try to approach realistic situations. To do so, you need to opt for a persuasive or analytical essay subject. For instance, if you want to advocate the idea that the standard of living ought to be increased, you need to write a common application paper that follows the style and outline of a persuasive or analytical essay. This implies sticking to the five-paragraph structure and coming up with a compelling thesis. The main idea you should ponder on is the fact that these college essay topics have been approached by a large number of study papers and experiments. Therefore, the best way to go about this is to seek facts and data that can enable you to write an original paper. Similarly to personal essays, you need to investigate unexplored areas that can grant your paper the uplift it requires! If you can write a genuinely compelling essay on a real-life application by using original data, you’ll have a great shot at getting accepted into a prestigious college!

Most Compelling College Essay Topics

A lot of applicants are very undecided when it comes to the topic of their common application essay. In case you don’t know what to choose, we have the right solution! Here at, we have a vast expertise when it comes to the admission procedure. Our writers have made a list of essay subjects that can catch the attention of any audience. The college topics listed below are, in our opinion, the most compelling.

  • Describe a situation or experience you went through that exerted a long-term influence on your existence. What was the precise event and in which way did it shape your perspectives and outlook?
  • People often claim they attend a university to “gain knowledge” or “obtain a diploma.” This is basically a way to avoid saying they do not have any expectations or targets for their future. Talk about your own future plans. Describe the reasons for which you want to attend a college.
  • Remember a moment in which you learned a quote that truly influenced your life. Mention the quote and talk about the way in which it changed your existence.
  • Our existence revolves around the realistic notion that you cannot be successful unless you are capable of fixing issues. Talk about a time when you fixed an issue or settled a dispute. Describe the significant way in which it impacted your existence or that of other people.

College Essay Topics Advice from Our Expert Writers

This article skillfully presents the way in which you can find an adequate university application essay subject and lists the subjects that are the most fascinating and exciting. The recommendation of the writing team is: before getting down to work on your paper, take your time to think of the precise topics you wish to approach. Create an itemized list of your greatest attributes, your most favorite experiences, and your most remarkable accomplishments.

Afterward, create another bullet-point list of all the subjects you’d enjoy reading about if you were a member of the admission team. Once you complete these two lists, check if they have any common points. If a topic is present in both list, your best bet would be to write about it!

However, a specific concept you should remember is the fact that your subject must precisely prove your personality. Undermining your narrative expression and depleting the paper of your individuality will diminish your likelihood of devising a winning college essay. A particular idea that admission board members fail to specify is the fact that papers that show originality, individuality and liveliness are more valued in comparison to papers that seem opinionated and pompous but dispute a well-established concept, particularly if you strive to get accepted into one of the Ivy League colleges. To put it simply, the application essay is not as important as you believe. In fact, luck is the ultimate factor to being admitted to a reputable institution.

Do You Want Some Great College Essay Prompts?

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