Descriptive Essay

A popular saying goes like this: a picture is worth a thousand words. However, one cannot actually use so many words to describe a picture unless they’re remarkably expressive! Some of the most successful writers that have ever lived have learned the art of using descriptions to catch the readers’ interest.  Such authors are methodical in particularities and depict relatable events, which enables their readers to speculate about the characters and the evolution of the story. These techniques can be noticed in the works of writers like William Shakespeare, Stephen King or Charles Dickens.

Descriptive Essay Definition

The primary goal of a descriptive essay is to offer the reader a lively experience! As a rule, the majority of individuals get the most efficient portrayal of an idea by appealing to their senses. Science has proven that our brain collects data though the following five senses: taste, palpation, scent, auditory perception, and vision. If you wish to provide the most compelling portrayal of something, appealing to each of the five senses is highly essential!

When writing a descriptive essay, you can opt for describing one of the following:

  • Individual
  • Location
  • Recollection
  • Situation
  • Item

You should regard this procedure as a form of art. Your target is to offer your readers a general and complete depiction. This way, your readers can gain a full understanding of what you’re attempting to communicate!

Ultimately, your whole narrative needs to provide a certain variety of motivation. No matter if you want to talk about a life lesson you drew from an event or the way in which a specific object influenced your existence, you must deliver a particular motivation for devising the descriptive essay!

Descriptive Essay Popular Subjects

  • Individual
    • Present the attributes a role model should possess.
    • Talk about the aspects that make your best friend different from other people you know.
    • Portray the universal traits of any human being.
  • Location
    • Describe an imaginary location.
    • Talk about a location where you’d like to organize an event.
    • Provide a description of the most splendid place you’ve ever been to.
  • Recollection
    • Talk about a situation that made you recall your dearest memory. Describe the way in which the event influenced it.
    • Describe a memory you think about often. Talk about the aspects that make it so meaningful.
    • Present the specific characteristics that make your one-of-a-kind memories different from everyday situations.
  • Situation
    • Talk about that situation in which you disconnected yourself from a specific social circumstance and took your time to acknowledge the importance of life.
    • Talk about a situation in which you became the leader of a group or did something you weren’t comfortable with.
    • Talk about a situation in which your existence changed completely. Describe the way in which you overcame it.
  • Item
    • Describe an object that has an affective value for you. Talk about what makes it special.
    • Talk about an item that is evocative to the way in which people live today.
    • Talk about how you’d present nowadays’ technology to a person who lived in the Middle Ages.

Keep in mind: When writing descriptive essays, students often appeal to a “mixture” of senses. For instance, in some cases, a specific item may give rise to an unforgettable event. Similarly, a conversation with an individual may generate a pleasant memory. Thus, combining senses is highly recommendable, as it can provide your readers with a very lively experience.

The Structure of a Descriptive Essay

Before beginning work on a descriptive essay, it is highly advisable to devise a well-organized structure. In addition to aiding you in arranging your ideas, this will also enhance the flow of your paper!

The format of any descriptive essay includes the following sections: introduction, body, and conclusion. Before you commence the writing work, you need to establish the subject of your paper. It is recommendable to take your time when choosing a topic, as the entirety of your depictions will revolve around it!


  • Hook Phrase: While your whole paper ought to be filled with fascinating and lively descriptions, you need to catch your reader’s eye from the very start!
  • The “situation” you’re describing needs to be presented to the reader. However, you mustn’t reveal any information that is too sensational!
  • Succinct context/backup data! At this point, you need to begin engaging your readers by providing more data regarding the situation. Nevertheless, you must use discrete words, as otherwise, your readers might lose interest before getting to the main point.
  • Sensory Information: As mentioned earlier, appealing to the five senses is essential! At this point, you need to demonstrate your outstanding implementation abilities! To be able to write a remarkable paper, you need to use descriptive words that stimulate all of the five senses.

Body Paragraph(s)

The size of your body paragraphs varies in accordance to the span of your storyline. In some cases, a story can be conveyed in only a couple of phrases. In other situations, you may need to write many pages!

  • Come up with a captivating starting point: To begin with, devise a phrase that opens your story in an exciting way. Avoid writing a lengthy and dull introduction. Seize your reader’s attention from the very start!
  • Sensory information within storyline evolution: As indicated earlier, anyone can account a tale. Still, not everyone has what it takes to do it right! As you’re advancing through your plot, make sure you include enough sensory details. A phrase ought to include more than just one or two sensory references. Appeal to your reader’s senses as often as possible!
  • Add accurate information: An efficient manner of avoiding dull phrases is by including specific information. For instance, let’s say you try to describe a particular individual. In that case, you should offer some half-important backdrop data regarding that person. This way you’ll be able to stimulate your readers’ thinking, as they will make suppositions regarding the person based on this additional data.
  • Make sure to impress your readers: Everyone knows that readers are very interested at the start, progressively lose interest and become interested again as the ending approaches. Your readers will invariably be intrigued about the undisclosed finale! Thus, as you draw near the ending, don’t hurry and try to make it as appealing as you can! Once again, sensory information is crucial!


  • Reflection is of the essence: Your whole story must offer a decent sense of motivation. Sure, the description itself may be very interesting. However, you readers hope to learn the reason for which you chose to write a descriptive essay on that topic. It goes without saying that this object or situation had a particular impact on you. So, talk about that impact!
  • Indicate the significance of the information: Apart from stimulating your audience’s attention, you must also clarify the importance of some crucial elements. Think about the fact that if any of these moments took place differently, the overall experience wouldn’t have the same impact anymore!
  • Clincher Assertion: Besides keeping your readers interested in what you have to say throughout your descriptive essay, you must also make sure your ideas stay in their mind even after they finish reading the paper. This is why you ought to finish the essay with a clincher. A clincher is an ending phrase that strengthens a general motivation or leaves the readers with a fascinating idea, query or citation.

Universal Tips and Tricks

  • Describe Things Chronologically: You should present your ideas in a consecutive chronological order, except for when the story has some boring moments.
  • Ask for the opinion of other people: Although your descriptive essay may seem amazing when you go through it, other readers may not find it so engaging. No two individuals think exactly the same, so ask for the opinion of other people to reinforce the cogency of your description!

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