I Believe Essay: Example and Tips

The first thought in the head of the student who gets the task of writing “I believe” essay is that this essay must be about religion, about his/her belief in God. This is not necessarily true. You can write about any sort of belief in this paper. Here are some examples of themes.

Examples of themes for I Believe essay

  1. I believe that beauty will save the world
  2. I believe that good fight evil
  3. I believe in karma
  4. I believe that honesty is a key to successful relationships
  5. I believe that democratic values make the world a better place
  6. I believe that the USA is the best country in the world

Example of standard outline for I Believe essay

Introduction – statement of the topic, disclosure of the theme.

Main part consisting of three paragraphs – in the main part, the author explains his attitude towards the problem of the topic. In our case, the author supports his main theme of what he beliefs using at least three main arguments. Each argument in turn is supported by evidence. Evidence are facts that prove correctness of author’s position. These might be examples from life, fiction, stories of people you know or famous people. In case you use facts from real life, make sure to use only reliable sources. Yellow press articles can not be used as a prove for your ideas. Otherwise, your essay and belief will not be taken seriously.

Conclusion – repeat your statement once again. Explain to what conclusion you have come through the reasons and ideas written in the paper. Once again point out in what you believe.

Ring composition of an essay

Why do students think that a non-standard essay only has a non-standard theme? Here I will give a few tricks on how to turn a regular text into a winning creative essay. Non-standard composition comes to the rescue.

Composition is the construction of the work. The average student will write according to the formula: start-up-the main part-outcome, nothing superfluous. However, it is the composition that can become the literary device that will prevent your essay from becoming standard.

Ring composition. Very interesting trick, when the end of the work is in the same place as the beginning. With this, you can make a good intrigue: give a riddle at the very beginning, and slowly unwind the tangled ball in the course of the composition / story. Whereas in the end it turns out that at the very beginning there was no riddle – it was solved long ago, and the whole story is the story of the one who guessed it. You can also frame the story of your hero.

Examples of ring composition of the essay

Examples of essays with a ring composition:

  • You can make a confusing story about moving into the past or into the future. For example, at the beginning, the hero creates a time machine, travels through centuries and events, and thinks that there is no going back — as he suddenly finds himself in his own car. The hands of the clock stopped at the minute when he went to the past or the future. As if the hero can not decide whether to stay with his adventures, or forget about them.
  • The hero thinks about the film, which he recently watched. And suddenly it turns out he is an actor. In the end, the hero wakes up and understands – he fell asleep while watching and did not even remember how it all ended.
  • The hero gets into an unknown city, and there he helps the city. It all turns out to be a dream. After many years, when the hero gets into the same city (business trip, vacation), he will learn the legend of the boy who saved the city many centuries ago.
  • The literary character of the read book tells about what he did in the book and how he treated everything. The beginning and end – the reasoning of the hero of human destiny.
  • The young writer thinks of how to describe the tragic scene in his book. His own heroes visit him, who are outraged by such treatment with them. It turns out that the author fell asleep. Instead of the tragic part, he writes a happy ending.
  • A character sees the same dream many times – he cannot understand: to get rid of a vision, you need to stop wanting to see it / forgive yourself for past actions / do something right that you couldn’t work on your present and do not dwell on the past.
  • A library worker notices that someone is stealing books. He understands what they will steal the next, and, saving books, takes them to his home. The next day, the second watchman comes to him, and tells him that someone is stealing books, and he is hiding them in order to save them.
  • The hero stands in front of the famous stone: “You will go to the right … Go to the left … You will go straight …”. He goes all the way, realizing that he made the wrong choice. At the end, the hero woke up in front of the same stone.

I Believe Essay Example

I believe that love is the most wonderful feeling on Earth, given to man from above. Love is the most incomprehensible and mysterious phenomenon in the emotional life of people. It is love that makes us do rash acts: good and vice versa. Happy love inspires a person, makes him able to soar above the ground.

Each of us saw a man in love, perhaps he was in his place: how happy his eyes were! They shine like stars on a moonless night sky. The gait becomes light and weightless: unfortunately, the wings of an invisible rose behind others. The person in such a state discovers previously unknown abilities and talents. One finds a poetic gift, the other takes up brushes and paint. Lovers want to shout to the whole world about their feelings. Their heart, soul, and mind are too full of emotion to remain silent.

But those who had the misfortune to endure a love disappointment or loss feel completely different. Their hearts are broken by pain and anguish. Life completely loses its meaning. For such people, the only question becomes: “Why do I need such a life if there is no beloved person near me?”. Thoughts about settling accounts with life are more and more often visited by the unfortunate. Nothing can bring him back to his former life. Only after some time, the pain subsides, leaving a deep wound in the heart.

Perhaps later, people who have suffered a heartfelt loss will be unable to give and respond to a bright feeling, fearing new blows of fate. They will talk about warm feeling, talk about love to a person. But all these are just empty words.

Love to the mankind, in my opinion, is much easier than to a particular person. This love does not require daily confirmation, nor any costs – material or spiritual. All mankind will not be able to make claims on trifles, will not argue and quarrel. True love for humanity begins with love for your loved ones, for those around you. And let the banal phrase “Love your neighbor” does not seem to us to be something unreal and supernatural: great love begins with a little.

Love is not just beautiful words. Love is a great work: daily, hard, sometimes even too hard. Having fallen in love with a person, you are obliged to take care of him, to be always near at the right moment. It is not for nothing that when entering into marriage, lovers swear to be together “in sickness and in health, in grief and in joy”. Without mutual respect, without patience with each other, even the most passionate love cannot survive for many years.

Interestingly, couples who have been married for 40–50 years, called these qualities the basic rules of happiness: patience, attention, respect. And, of course, responsibility for each other. One cannot do without it. It is very important that everyone feels secure shoulder, which he can rely on in difficult times. I think many will agree that without all of the above, love is not possible.

But in order to learn all this, you need to see your “soul mate” in a person. We must learn to restrain our emotions, if something annoys you in your beloved: it is better to talk calmly to him about it. Working on yourself is what is most difficult in love. But here it is also important not to “overreact”: it is not necessary to be humiliated, adjoin yourself before a person. True love is such a sacrifice.

Of course, it is easier not to start a serious relationship, if there is no desire to work. But after years, looking back at the life and not finding anything worthwhile in it, his heart hurts from the aimlessly lived days. It was not for nothing that wise people said: “Love is easy to acquire, but difficult to keep.”