College Student`s LinkedIn

It would be useless to deny the fact that our lives are heavily influenced by social media. Indeed, this platform revolutionized the way people interact with each other. That is why today a proper virtual representation may seem to be something that people may need to be successful. Whether you are trying to impress a representative of a paper writing service or a big CEO, there are few recommendations regarding what people should put on their virtual pages. Here are some suggestions that your LinkedIn profile will benefit from:

  1. Appropriate profile photo
  2. Experience and extracurriculars
  3. Portfolio
  4. References
  5. Commentaries on news
  6. Lack of spelling errors

Appropriate profile photo

Though LinkedIn is not Instagram or Facebook, it will surely benefit from a good photo. The latter will show your idea of what it is like to be a professional. Furthermore, it is much easier to relate to profiles that have pictures in them rather than those which have outstanding credentials.

Experience and extracurriculars

One should keep in mind that LinkedIn is a social media that focuses on professional interaction. That is why the more one is able to show, the better. It may be useful to cite any relevant experience. Indeed, nobody knows what one’s potential employer will value. That is why even putting extracurriculars may be useful since it will show that a person has a broad range of interests.


This is, probably, the most obvious recommendation: LinkedIn profile should have a portfolio even if a person has not performed any worked yet. This means that a student may be interested in uploading a good presentation or a report that one has made particularly well. This will provide other people with a glimpse of what a person is capable or which is one of the ultimate goals of this social media.


The power of references is often underestimated. Even a student who has a couple of good references can stand out in the eyes of a potential employer. Therefore, it is essential to ask the professors to write references. This will also contribute to the general credibility of a student since it shows that professors found time to write a reference letter.

Commentaries on news

One should note that we live in a world where information, especially about the contemporary events is abundant. That is why many are discouraged to comment news and recent changes in the world. However, the result of it can be quite the opposite: it will show that a person is interested in the news and keeps track of everything that happens. Therefore, it may be useful to put links to one’s commentaries and reviews.

Lack of spelling errors

One thing that must not be on one’s LinkedIn profile is spelling errors. It is true that typos are quite common today, especially when people have to type a lot of text, but they can spoil the impression of the profile. Indeed, extra half an hour spent on reading and re-reading all the information posts will increase one’s chances of finding a proper job or securing a good relationship with a professional online.


LinkedIn is one of the social networks the importance of which is often overlooked. However, students should start working on creating their positive image online as soon as possible. The list which was presented above is the must-have for everyone who wants their profile to look professional. You should feel free to add more content and experiment with ways to make your profile stand out in a positive way.