Tech in College Life

We live in the Digital age; so, technology has become a buzz word these days. However, it may be useful to take a step back and take a close look at how it changed various areas of life. One of the most significant change can be found in college. Here are 6 major ways in which technology changed life on an average college student.

  1. Computers
  2. Gadgets
  3. Communication
  4. The Internet
  5. Ebooks
  6. Online courses


It is rather obvious that computers have had a significant impact on the college students. Indeed, these machines can be used for anything from essay writing to doing the complex calculation. They are so irreplaceable in college that it is almost impossible to imagine campuses without them. One of the major advantages that computers bring is the ability to edit written text: something that typewriters were not able to do.


Smartphones and tablet PCs can be seen as computer’s younger siblings. Indeed, this comparison may be rather accurate since they allow a college student to substitute a computer to a certain extent. The major advantage that they give is the ability to access information at any moment. This means that a student can study literally anywhere. That is why the process of learned is now not limited to the classroom only.


One would make no mistake pointing out that technology changes the way people communicate in general. However, this is also true for the college setting. Thus, a considerable amount of communication between students and professors is not carried out via email. In addition to that, students are able to form communities in the social media and discuss various matters online. It seems that there is a whole new virtual campus that exists in a different dimension.

The Internet

Some might suggest that the Internet should have been listed first in this list because it is widely used in campuses. Nevertheless, one should note that it is of little use without a computer or a gadget. However, the importance of it can hardly be overestimated: it revolutionized virtually any aspect of college life, starting from looking for the relevant information to conducting surveys that include people living on a different side of the globe. There is no doubt that the Internet has changed college life forever.


Some associate studying in college with carrying heavy books around. Indeed, it used to be that books that the students used were big and heavy, but today it is possible to use ebooks instead. Other than being virtually weightless they offer a lot of additional functions that conventional books don’t, such as searching, highlighting, and printing out pages. It is obvious that ebooks represent the future.

Online course

Online courses are similar to ebooks in many ways: they took the conventional notion and improved it with the help of technology. One of the biggest benefits of online course is the ability to integrate them into a student’s schedule. Thus, a student can manage one’s time properly and achieve more since such courses do not require being physically present in a classroom. Just like ebooks, online courses represent the future of education.


Did technology change college life? Yes, it did and the impact of it can be seen in numerous aspects. It ranged from computers as the primary tools that are used by the college students to the Internet as the new platform that serves to exchange knowledge and ebooks as well as online courses which represent the future of education that will integrate technology, ultimately changing the conventional patterns of interaction.