Respect Essay: Example and Tips

What is respect? Who deserves such attitude? What types of respect are there? These and many other questions will be answered in our example of reasoning essay about respect.

How to write essay about respect

In order to write an excellent essay about respect, you need to first of all understand what respect is. It is not enough to read the definition, you need to deeply feel respect to something or someone.

In the introduction of the essay, give the definition to the phenomenon of respect, which you find the most accurate. Interest the readers by letting them know what you will tell about later. You can start with a question, answer to which will be given in the essay. In the main part, tell your ideas and thoughts about respect. Stories and examples from personal life will be appropriate here. Use only those ones, which support your theses. In the conclusion, using some common phrases, sum up everything what has been told and repeat your main idea once again.

To understand and get ideas for future respect essay, read the example below.

Respect essay example


What does the word “respect” mean? It means your attitude, words or deed, to show that people (including you) and objects around you have value. Even if you do not think about it, by your actions you constantly show other people whether you respect them or not.

If you have brothers or sisters who are much younger than you, then you probably know how pleasant it is to feel that you are respected. Small children look at older brothers and sisters as a role model. Perhaps you also look at high school students in a similar way, especially if they are distinguished by their achievements in school. It’s nice when someone thinks you’re the smartest and funniest, the most beautiful or the strongest in the world. What about respect for people we don’t know, or even people we don’t really like? It is much harder than respecting those we love. Why is it important to respect all people, regardless of whether we like them or not?

  • Because all people are important.
  • Because we will be treated the same way we treat other people.
  • Because everyone deserves to be respected.

There are many ways to show respect. We respect not only other people, but also animals, and the environment. It is very important that our respect be holistic, including three main areas:

  • I respect myself.
  • I respect other people.
  • I respect the natural world, the environment, everything created by human hands.

Main part

How does respect work? Usually, the very concept of “respect” is associated for us primarily with the way we treat other people. However, respect begins inside a person. Respect in itself is an attitude that remains in our souls. We can see respect only through deeds. What actions suggest that we respect ourselves, other people and the world around us?

Everything starts with respect for yourself. Respect for oneself has two forms: respect for the body and for one’s personality. Taking care of your appearance, about whether you are neatly dressed, have a good haircut, how clean your nails and ears are, is an important manifestation of self-respect. But it is even more important to respect the germ of love and kindness that is laid in your soul. In this case, respect is manifested in the fact that you commit acts that help you grow, becoming a better, honest, educated person. So how do these two forms of respect manifest?

Respect for your personality:

  • I study hard to keep up with school.
  • I am honest.
  • I do what I say.
  • If I think people do wrong things, I tell them about it.

Respect for your body:

  • I brush my teeth every night before bed.
  • I wear clean clothes (it shows respect not only for myself, but also for people who are close to me)
  • I try to have time for sports every day, otherwise I feel tired and lazy.

Respect for other people is shown differently:

  • I open the door to an older person or woman.
  • If someone dropped a thing, I pick it up and give it back.
  • If someone is in a hurry, I give a way.
  • I don’t shout at people, even if they really annoy me.
  • I am not afraid to repeat:

– Sorry to drop your books.

– Can I help you?

– Hi, mom. How are you?

– You were in the queue first, I follow you.

– Sorry I did not pick up the phone for so long.

– I’m happy to see you!

Respect for people is a positive attitude of a person to his neighbor, as well as recognition of his feelings, merits and personal qualities. Respect has two sides. If you want to be respected, you first need to learn to respect others. No one likes dishonest and unreliable people. Only that person deserves respect, who is honest with his interlocutors, and who can be relied on and whose promises can be trusted. According to the great sage of the past, the greatness of a person can be judged based on how he treats people below him on the social scale. If he shows respect, kindness and love – that is his dignity.

Respect for people prescribes not to cause another person intentional harm, neither physical nor moral. A respectful attitude should not depend on financial prosperity, age, religion or gender of your interlocutor.

It should be remembered that if you expect a reciprocal respectful feeling, you must also comply with it. For example, if you by your behavior have offended a person and easily forgot about it. The boomerang principle also works here, a similar attitude will definitely return to you. In your life, someone will surely betray or deceive you. And if you are very friendly to others and treat all with love – it means that you will receive in return even more love and joy.

To cultivate a sense of respect for other people is possible only if you try to see in any person first of all his positive qualities.

We must learn to look heart to heart relying on the sensitivity of people and help in their needs. One of the most important ways to achieve this is to become an attentive listener. People feel their value when someone is polite and likes to listen to them. Hearing is more than just listening. This implies an interest in a person, and a willingness to perceive and share his problems. If a person feels that you are genuinely interested in him and in what disturbs him, he will treat you with more gratitude and respect.

Respect for the world is manifested by:

  • I clean near my house and try not to litter on the street.
  • I do not paint on desks and in school textbooks and do not paint on the walls of houses.
  • In the mornings, I bring my dog ​​to the street and always clean after her.


There is no doubt that respect is a positive feeling. Respect for yourself, others and the world around – this is what distinguishes a civilized person. If all the people in the world respect each other, regardless of race, religion, place of residence or cultural background, we will be able to live in peace.

To respect someone you love is easy and the sense of respect occurs by itself, but this is not enough. You must also respect the one who is unsympathetic to you. If you do not understand something, it does not mean that it is bad. Nurture a sense of respect for others and people will treat you the same way. Is not this the ultimate goal of any person?