Advertisement Analysis Essay: Example and Tips

Analysis of advertisement is usually written by students while taking a course of marketing. Advertisement is a big part of marketing and understanding of the rules of its use is essential for students.

Advertising is one of the most important and effective ways to promote products / services of the company. And although this tool is not always the main one, very often it is the most costly element of the marketing budget.

That is why the question of how to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising concerns many business executives and marketers. If you don’t think about it, the result could be wasted advertising money. What if advertising doesn’t work? How to increase the economic effect? The solution may be thorough preparation and planning of the advertising campaign before it starts and control in the process, and not just an attempt to evaluate the result after the campaign.

Advertising campaign analysis is an in-depth study of how advertising works with web analytics in order to increase the number of orders within a limited budget.

Writing introduction to advertisement analysis essay

In the intro part, prepare the reader to what he is about to learn from your essay. Point out the direction if your thoughts. Name the ad, about which you are going to talk in the essay. You can tell couple words about the company or product from the advertisement and point out your attitude.

Explain why you’ve chosen that advertisement. If you have taken it as an example of bad ad campaign, tell it. If as a good one – explain why. In any case, already in the introduction the reader should understand 3 main things:

  1. What advertisement you are going to talk about;
  2. Why you have chosen this particular ad;
  3. Is advertisement good or bad.

Example of introduction of advertisement analysis essay

The company was founded by Karl Friedrich Rapp in October 1913, initially as a manufacturer of aircraft engines, Bayerische Flugzeug-Werke. In 1916, the company signed a contract for the production of V12 engines for Austria-Hungary. In need of additional funding, Rapp gets the support of Camillo Castiglioni and Max Fritz, the company is being re-established as Bayerische Motoren Werke.

After Second World War in 1951, BMW produced its first post-war car, the 501. In 1955, the BMW Triebwerk GmbH division returned to life. The company focuses on the tradition of manufacturing aircraft engines. BMW in order to popularize its products with the middle class produces the first mass car in the postwar years BMW Isetta. The idea of ​​creating a miniature machine of the Italian company Iso, and the prototype of the body created by it was bought by the Germans. In 1959, Model 700 became the first big serial success for BMW cars. BMW company put up for sale.

How to write main part of advertisement analysis essay

Analysis itself is written in the main part of the essay. The effectiveness of advertising campaigns on the Internet can be assessed using statistical tools that are used in advertising systems like Google Adwords. However, the analytical capabilities of these tools are very limited. They allow you to make only indicative conclusions without taking into account the details and, most importantly, without taking into account what is happening on the site.

Imagine that in order to evaluate how magazine advertising works, you assigned an analyst to each magazine, who looks at how the reader looks through the pages; does he stop looking at your ad, and how much time he spends reading it. However, this analyst does not accompany the buyer if he went to your store. That is, he does not even know whether the buyer reached the store, what he was doing there, what goods he looked at, whether he had bought something. It turns out that advertising analytics is only half of the information that needs to be obtained. The same thing happens on the Internet. If you advertise, but do not analyze your advertising campaign using web analytics, you have only half the data.

Main part of advertisement analysis essay example

Bmw advertising campaign. The brand value is estimated at $ 26.3 billion. In the consumer perception rating, the concern ranked 5th in the overall standings and 1st among car brands. Officially, the industrial company BMW was registered on July 20, 1917. The source of production of the BMW Group can be called a factory in Munich. “Holds the road … Holds records”

Type of product: The company produces not only cars, but also, motorcycles, engines, and surprisingly, bicycles.

Distribution: Currently, BMW manufactures its vehicles at five factories in Germany and twenty-two subsidiaries located throughout the world. This is one of the few automotive companies that does not use robotic production. All assembly on the conveyor goes only manually.

Slogan: “happy to drive”;

Main competitor: Audi

Types and functions of advertising used in the advertising campaign of “BMW”

  • By Territory: International
  • By means of transmission: The advertising campaign was presented on television, in movies, in print, on the Internet and in outdoor advertising.
  • By way of impact: emotional.


Stimulating – this ad creates a need for this product, encourages people to purchase it. So in the end, fully satisfies the need of the buyer.

Marketing – the goal is to stimulate sales of the product.

Place of this advertising campaign in society (social functions) and marketing system

Social functions:

  • affects the formation of values ​​and lifestyle
  • After viewing this advertisement, many drivers will want to buy such a car.
  • Through this advertisement, the illusion is fixed that any person who purchases a BMW car will ride on the highest comfort and safety.

Place of the BMW advertising campaign in the 4P system

  1. Product. An advertising campaign aimed at selling cars, bicycles, motorcycles, engines.
  2. Price. The average price for a car is 40000 euro.
  3. Place. Promotion occurs around the world:.
  4. Promotion. The BMW advertising campaign was presented on television, in print, on the Internet and on outdoor advertising.

Example of inappropriate advertising

Inappropriate advertising can be unfair, unreliable, false, unethical and hidden. In my work, I will give an example of unfair advertising on the example of advertising “Audi – BMW”. The advertising campaign of auto giants has been going on for more than five years. It all started with a BMW sprint: auto giant “nicely” congratulated Audi on winning the “Machine of the Year 2006” competition in South Africa by signing “Winner of the 2006 Machine of the World” competition.

Plagiarism is the obvious, most often exact repetition of someone else’s advertising appeal (or the active link of the plot, script, slogan) to advertise their product often different from the original product group, sometimes in a different mass communication channel. This is a blatant borrowing of someone else’s advertising creation in violation of the copyright and related rights of primary developers.

How to write conclusion of advertisement analysis essay

The last part of the essay, conclusion, is likely to check your vocabulary rather than your knowledge or creativity. Here you do not need to present new information or give new arguments in favor of your point of view. In the conclusion, author of advertisement analysis essay needs to sum up the ideas and repeat the main ones in other words.

Make sure your ideas are understood by readers and are supported by convincing arguments. Read your essay again making sure that there are no mistakes and the logical flow of the essay goes in right direction.

Conclusion of advertisement analysis essay example

We can see that during the analysis of the advertising campaign, BMW managed to solve several important tasks set at the beginning. The types and functions of advertising used in this advertising campaign were identified. On a territorial basis, it covers the whole world, and uses many means of transmission, such as advertising on television, in movies, in print, on the Internet, and in outdoor advertising.

Some of the important functions that this advertising campaign performs: stimulating, marketing and informational. In addition to the basic functions, social is also presented, which contributes to the formation of certain standards of thinking and behavioral patterns in the consumer. By means of advertising, channels such as the Internet, advertising in points of sale, the press and television are used.

Most of the budget is allocated to television advertising, because the rollers need to be visualized. The target audience of the brand is men and women 19-50 years old. These are mainly people with higher education, leading a dynamic and active lifestyle. Among the marketing research to identify the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, specialized field-quality qualitative research was conducted: focus groups, and specialized field research using a telephone survey.