Texting and Driving Essay: Example and Tips

Distinctive features of the essay as a prosaic genre is its relevance, the choice of interesting, living and controversial topics. Undoubtedly, for today such theme is texting and driving. Hardly you can find a person who has not come across this problem. At least once you have seen the driver who was texting or talking over the phone when driving or you yourself were such a driver. Perhaps you even know the people who was injured because of this reason.

Since this topic is so relevant now, it is likely to be chosen as a topic for an essay. In this article, we will talk about three main structural parts of an essay and look at the example of texting and driving essay.

How to write introduction to texting and driving essay?

It’s always difficult to start an essay. First, we want to remind you important signs of introductory part:

  • Laconism (entry and conclusion combined – not more than one-third of the entire work).
  • Connection with the theme of the text, with the main part and the conclusion of the essay.
  • In the introduction, you need to find a place for the problem of the source text.
  • In conclusion, refer to the materials of the introduction.

Now we will list a dozen motives for the introduction. Sometimes it will not be a topic, but a form of presentation of the material. So, about what and how you can write in the introduction?

  • Definition of the text theme (when you write an essay on the read text)
  • Statement of author’s own position
  • Brief information about the author of the source text
  • Question-answer unity
  • A rhetorical question
  • Quotation as a beginning
  • An appeal to history
  • Dialogue with an imaginary interlocutor
  • Reasoning about the title
  • Connection with the present
  • Calling offer.

The introduction organizes the whole text, therefore it is necessary to approach the choice of its form and content very seriously. The introduction leads to the problem of the text, it helps to move logically to the position of the author and your reasoned attitude to the problem. If the introduction and conclusion echo, then the composition acquires the features of completeness.

Example of introduction to texting and driving essay

A few years ago, the World Health Organization made a shocking statement: about 1.25 million people die every year as a result of road accidents around the world. The most unprotected groups are motorcyclists (23% of deaths), pedestrians (22% of deaths) and cyclists (4% of deaths). If urgent measures are not taken, by 2030 the number of road deaths will triple (to 3.6 million people per year).

The main reason for such sad statistics and prospects is that in many countries of the world, especially in developing countries, inadequate legislation in the road sector is still in effect. The heads of state agreed in 2020 to make every effort to reduce the number of deaths and injuries resulting from road accidents. However, in five years (as of 2015), only 17 countries in the world that need to improve road legislation have resulted in at least one of their laws in line with best practice with regard to stitching belts, drunk driving, speed, motorcycle helmets or child restraints.

So, according to the latest WHO data:

  • 105 countries have proper laws on seat belts applied to all drivers and passengers;
  • 47 countries have proper laws that determine the national maximum speed in urban areas at 50 km / h and provide local authorities with the power to impose additional speed limits;
  • 34 countries have the appropriate laws governing the management of drunken driving vehicles that limit the alcohol content in the blood (SAA) at a level not exceeding 0.05 g / dl, and also establish lower levels of SAS for young and novice drivers that do not exceed 0 , 02 g / dL;
  • 44 countries have helmet laws that apply to all drivers, passengers and types of roads and engines; require that the helmet be fastened, and refer to specific standards for helmets;
  • 53 countries have laws on child restraints for vehicle passengers based on age, height or weight, and apply restrictions on the carriage of children in the front seat, depending on their age or height.

It is worth noting that, so far, between high-income countries and low- and middle-income countries, there is a large gap in road deaths. In the latter, according to the WHO, 90% of all deaths occur as a result of an accident. This is despite the fact that developing countries account for only 54% of vehicles in the world. Thus, the lowest mortality rates are observed in Europe, especially in the richest countries of this region, and the highest in Africa.

How to write the main body to texting and driving essay?

We continue writing the essay by describing the central ideas in the main body of texting and driving essay. The most significant criterion for evaluating the above part of the essay reads as follows: “The examiner expressed his opinion on the problem posed (either agreeing or disagreeing with main thesis), argued his position (gave at least two arguments), relying on knowledge, life or reader experience”.

What can be considered a life experience, and what is reader’s experience?

  1. Life experience.
  • Real facts from the life of others.
  • Own observations and conclusions.
  • Traditional historical experience.
  1. The reader’s experience.
  • Fiction.
  • Historical literature.
  • Popular science literature.

The knowledge that you acquired as a result of the reader’s and life experience can be used to prove your point of view in the form of examples, illustrations and samples.

Now write down some wise thoughts. They are given in the form of abstracts. Write for each of them small texts that prove the essence of these theses on examples. Try to remember the thesis itself, the author and the materials that you picked up. Then your work will become clearer for everyone. Such work, of course, will help you when writing essays on texting and driving.

Examples of phrases, which can be used as theses in an essay:

It is impossible to always be a hero, but you can always remain a person.  Goethe.

Science is necessary for the people. A country that does not develop it inevitably turns into a colony. F. Joliot-Curie.

A cowardly friend is more terrible than an enemy, because you are afraid of an enemy, but you rely for a friend. L. Tolstoy.

Main body of texting and writing essay example

On Long Island, they came up with a good way to deal with drivers who enjoy texting. The same way as -the alcohol sensor does not start the machine, this application controls that the driver will not be able to chat or write on the phone when driving.

The idea is for violators to realize the seriousness of their misconduct. The proposal consists of several items, among which is the installation of an application that automatically disconnects the possibility of communication while driving. The district attorney Caitlin Rice has already written Google, Apple, Microsoft and Blackberry, requesting their ability to include such an application in the number of preinstalled programs.

Text messages while driving in recent years are a serious problem. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the driver with the phone is as dangerous as a drunk driver.

Paragraph 1

In 2014, the US Department of Transportation launched a national advertising campaign, urging drivers to abandon the use of smartphones while driving. According to experts, texting while driving is comparable in terms of danger to drunk drivers.

According to research conducted by American scientists, the risk of getting into an accident significantly increases if the driver during the traffic dials with writing messages, dials a number or simply reaches for the phone. In this case, the phone conversation itself does not affect the probability of an accident. According to the agency’s estimates, in 2012, 3,338 Americans died in road traffic accidents involving distractions, approximately 421,000 people were injured.

Advertising and information materials of the US Department of Transportation should remind drivers of what leads accidents on the road. As part of the campaign “You drive. You are writing. You pay” hard video is broadcast about teenagers who were in an accident because of the desire to respond to the message. In the end, a policeman comes to the drivers, who explains that one warning can save someone’s life. The consequences of one message dialed at the wheel can be very sad.

Paragraph 2

In 2017, the Internet showed a social video about the consequences of using the phone while driving a car. The ending was shocking. The video released by the government of South Africa in a few days became viral and quickly spread over social networks. It’s all about the plot and the unexpected ending.

The movie starts with cutting funny pictures, where people are so keen on their phones that they do not notice anything around. Someone crashes into a stop sign, someone falls into a pond, and someone falls from the stairs. It looks ridiculous and funny.

You look and think: “What stretch!” And suddenly the picture changes: in the frame appears a girl behind the wheel, whose attention is also riveted to the screen of the phone. Either she received a message, or she was going to call someone, but she was distracted from the road. Suddenly the car crashes into something, the girl throws it forward, the car rolls over, splinters of windows fly in all directions, and the camera splashes with blood.

“You can not write messages even on the go … so why are you doing this at the wheel?” – ask the audience at the end of the video. And this is his main message: “Think twice before using the phone while driving.”

Paragraph 3

The American Automobile Association (AAA) published a March report on car accidents in the US, with a special emphasis on young people and the habit of young citizens to use a smartphone while driving. To complete the picture, it published a juicy video with irresponsible drivers aged 16 to 19 years.

Particularly impressionable this video can be watched, since none of the accidents shown ended with injuries and death of the driver. Nevertheless, according to the latest data of the AAA, annually, 3000 Americans of that age die in car accidents “connected with inattention while driving due to distraction to third-party studies” (read “stuck in the phone’s screen”). I’m sure, in other countries, statistics are not better. For the same reasons, 383,000 people in the United States get injuries of varying severity each year.

Researchers from the University of Iowa have tested video recordings of 1691 crashes of young Americans aged 16 to 19 and found several unpleasant facts. So, 58% of them are connected with carelessness at the wheel, and in 12% of these cases are connected with the phone distracting the driver. In a third of accidents, when the car flew out of the road, it’s the driver’s distraction to the mobile phone.

What does the iPhone have to do with it? Like any other modern smartphone, it’s not just a device for voice calls and short text messages, but a whole communication hub with Facebook, Twitter, Viber, reminders and some calendar events and other things that can easily distract from the road. Therefore, it is worth using a simple rule – no phones behind the wheel. Maximum – Bluetooth-headset or built-in car Bluetooth-speakerphone.

How to write conclusion to texting and driving essay?

Conclusion is the finishing part of an essay and the last one to be written. As far as the author approaches to writing it when the rest of the paper is ready, he already has the overall picture of the work. In the conclusion, the author sums up the main thought, highlights the main idea once again and makes his point clear.

The main task of the writer here is to repeat what has been told in the main part but make it shorter and in other words. Make the reader trust you and your thesis. Make the reader think on his own but push to the right answers, make him take your position.

Example of conclusion to texting and driving essay

Modern life has a very high speed. We are used to doing everything on the go. We try to do as many things at the same time as possible. But there are certain activities, which must be separated. Driving requires attention and the driver should look at the road not at the screen of the devices.

Use of different gadgets, internet and social networks is a kind of addiction for many people. But you can get rid of dependence on the phone while driving. Here are some tips:

  1. Put the gadget on the “silent” mode or the airplane mode while driving.
  2. Breathe in and out to switch back to driving.
  3. Do not abuse wireless devices. After all, although they free your hands, they still distract your attention from the road no less than texting.

Remember that safety comes first. Take care of yourself and people around.