Professional Book Editing Editing & Proofreading Services

Self-published authors generally agree that the most difficult part in the process of writing a book is editing it. When you write a book, you have a pretty clear idea on how it should look and sound like. Even though when you read your own book you know exactly what you were trying to say in those pages, you’ll be surprised to see that not everyone might understand. You hear this mostly when you give your book to a friend or relative to read it and tell you their opinion on the book. Not to mention that if you start editing your book after you’ve finished writing it, chances are you will miss some grammar or syntax errors, because you don’t pay as much attention when reading it as someone who reads it for the first time would pay. This is why you should take into account sending your book to us and let us edit it in your behalf.

Entrust your book to us

At first, you might be skeptical to send us your unpublished book. You might think “what if they will publish it before me and take credit for it?” and it’s absolutely normal to have this as your first thought. But if you think it through, you might change your mind. The thing is ever since we’ve first appeared on the market, we made confidentiality our business card. We are reliable and we are aware of the importance of not sharing documents you submit to us, regardless of their type, to third parties. The only thing we will do to your book is to edit it and correct any errors we might find and then return it back to you in a better and newly-corrected form. Everyone we had been working with in the past were more than satisfied with the provided services, especially when it comes to self-published authors who entrusted us their most valuable things – their unpublished books.

What makes us stand out?

One good reason why you should work with us is that we have some of the best prices on the market. We understand that everyone is going through difficult financial times today, so we won’t ask you to pay us a fortune for editing your book. Our prices are fair.

We forgot to tell that we have some incredibly good, highly experienced and professional editors. They are specialized in a range of areas of expertise, so regardless of the topic of your book, you will be assigned to an editor that comes from the same area or a related one. This way, you’ll benefit from top quality services and from professional editing. The editor will review your book and start the editing process right away, while taking into account all suggestions you mentioned when you submitted us your book. Your document is in great hands, so there’s no need to worry.

Another aspect that truly makes us to stand out from the crowd is the speed we work with. Even though we have high amount of work to do on a daily basis, we remain professional and allocate as much time as needed to each project. Even so, we are aware that everyone would like to receive their edited documents in the shortest time possible. Self-publishing means that your book is out on the market faster, which automatically means that you need it edited and revised ASAP. With us, you don’t have to worry about time, because we are never late.

Overall, it’s generally agreed that books need editing and the only way to obtain the best results is by giving it to a professional editor to have them take a look at it.