MLA Citation Generator

Getting all your citations right in your academic paper is crucial but equally tedious. If it bothers you and you don’t want to risk your grade because of possibly misplaced commas in your MLA citations, we have a solution for you! You are welcome to use our MLA Citation Generator to have all your citations properly formatted. It automatically generates both in-text citations, footnotes, and bibliography references in strict accordance with the latest MLA formatting guidelines, so you don’t have to worry about such nuisances anymore.

This MLA Citation Generator is an online tool to help you assemble your scattered resources into a proper bibliography, as well as in-text citations, footnotes, etc. We have principally decided to make this tool open source, because we know how frustrating it may be for a student to follow all the formatting guidelines. Especially, since knowing these guidelines barely, if ever at all, ties in with the subject-matter of any academic paper, which is its essence and should be the center of a student’s focus.

This is especially the case when you have to cite some peculiar sources, like a video or a handwritten copy. Surely, the formatting guide may specify such cases, and the guidelines will be clear, even though they will be different for various kinds of citations. But why should you waste your time and effort on looking them up? Why should you pollute your brain with information irrelevant to your paper’s topic, as if you don’t have enough distractions already? It is very irritating to keep all your citations in line with the strict formatting guidelines, and failing to adhere to them will result in a decreased grade. Well, you don’t have to worry about this anymore because our automatic MLA Citation Generator will take care of it for you, while you can spare some valuable time and spend it on studying or well-deserved rest.

All you should do is fill out the details about your source, and our MLA Citation Generator will do the rest!

When does MLA Citation Generator come handy?

Whenever you write a paper for school, even if it is a simple five-paragraph essay, you are required to cite your sources. This serves to make your writing more credible by backing it up with the authority of various reputable sources – books, scientific journals, online publications, etc. You must take care to have the sources cited properly, because otherwise it will be regarded as unwarranted borrowing, i.e., plagiarism. Such accusations, in turn, may lead to a decreased grade, a stain on your academic reputation, or even expulsion from school. This is why it is best avoided by taking great care of having all your sources cited properly, regardless of what kind of academic paper is in question.

The formatting guidelines may be hard to grasp, so, to be on the safe side, it is always best to use the automatic MLA Citation Generator. This is a sure way to have all the citations inserted appropriately, regardless of your paper type or the number of used sources.

Students often don’t see the connection between their formatting skills and their academic efficiency. This is because there is not much connection to speak of. As such, making sure that your paper is properly formatted is quite rightfully regarded as a tedious and unnecessary effort. Nevertheless, only when all your citations are properly formatted, will they be regarded as proper references, which is necessary to make your academic paper seem as both well-researched and original. Seeing how crucial it is, we are offering students help by welcoming them to use our MLA Citation Generator and make the formatting process much easier. You focus on research and writing, and trust the rest to our tool.

How does MLA Citation Generator work?

As a matter of fact, the MLA format is specifically designed to make citation easier for students and scholars. It is indeed much simpler and better organized than other formatting styles. It specifies two types of citations: in-text references and bibliography references. In-text references are those that you put directly into your text – when you acknowledge your sources by quoting or paraphrasing them. After that, you put them all together on your ’Works Cited’ page at the end of your paper in alphabetical order, and the corresponding enumeration should also be mentioned in your in-text references. An in-text reference includes the author’s name, the page number which you are referencing, and the number by which your reader can find this particular source in your ‘Works Cited’ list. This list, in turn, includes more detailed information about each source.

The best way to keep all your references accurate and appropriately formatted is to use our MLA Citation Generator. We have taken care to make it easy for you to use – you just enter all the proper details of your source, and it gives you correctly formatted in-text citations and “Works Cited’ entries for you to copy and paste into the body of your paper. The whole process will only take you a few minutes!

Here is the list of details that you will require to generate MLA citations with our tool:

  • the name of the author or another source owner (director of the video, illustrator who created the graphic aid, etc.)
  • the title of the source
  • type of publication (printed, online, DVD, etc.)
  • the relevant dates (for printed sources – date of publication, for online sources – date of retrieving, for events – date of the event, etc.)
  • for printed sources – the name and location of the publishing body
  • for periodic issues – volume number, issue number, chapter number
  • page number(s)

As you can see, there is nothing too peculiar about all these details. In the present day, however, sources no longer come in a set form of a printed publication. As such, the details that describe one type of source, are technically inapplicable for another one. This creates a certain dose of confusion for everyone who needs to have all sources appropriately referenced. It becomes necessary to be aware of all the specific guidelines. The good news is that now you don’t have to know all these guidelines, because our MLA Citation Generator does that for you!