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Accusations of plagiarism are one of the worse for most students. Not only they assume that your work is not good - they also assume that you’ve basically stolen someone else’s work, which is very serious and very unpleasant.

And the toughest part here that students still might not know how to prevent those accusations from happening. Because while cases of severe and intentional plagiarism do happen, there’s also a big chance that someone plagiarized someone else’s paper unintentionally - for example, by accidentally repeating certain words and conclusions or by using phrases that many people use. The usage of the direct quotes could be also considered plagiarism by some plagiarism checkers. And there’s might be a chance that a professor won’t have time to figure why exactly a paper is considered plagiarized.

That’s why it’s always better to ensure yourself that your paper is 100% plagiarism free before you submit it. How can you do so? With the help of our free plagiarism checker.

What is a plagiarism software?

These days technology helps us in so many areas of our lives, including education. We use technology to aid us in the paper writing process - we research things, use online libraries for information, and so on. Some essays could even be written without leaving your room and visiting on-campus libraries.

And any student could check essay for plagiarism the same way - online, without even leaving your room. Free plagiarism checkers search billions of documents available online and are able to spot matches and similarities even when they are only a couple words in length. To those students, who do copy someone else’s work, that’s a real curse. To all the others, however, it’s a blessing.

We offer our free plagiarism scanner because we do want to help the latter students ensure that their papers are 100% original and that no plagiarism (even the unintentional one) could happen. We also do our best to spread awareness of plagiarism, to emphasize that it could happen even if you don’t know it and that it’s always important to know how one is able to prevent it.

Why is a plagiarism detector important?

The quality of any paper you write is the first thing the professor is paying attention to. That’s why many articles emphasize the importance of proper proofreading before submitting your work. But while errors and typos could strike the professor’s eye, in most cases they don’t affect your grades much (of course, if it’s not severe mistakes we’re talking about).

However, the thing is that in some cases your professor might not even get to check your paper for mistakes. As college plagiarism becomes more and more widespread (which is quite logical, knowing how often students turn to the Internet for information), professors tend to run plagiarism checks even before they get to reading. And if they find out that your paper is plagiarized, they might not even bother to read your work, returning it instead.

But as we mentioned above, the problem is that your paper could turn out to be not 100% original without you even knowing. While most students know how important it is to submit a plagiarism free essay, many of them still don’t know how to prevent plagiarism from happening.

For example, many professors emphasize the importance of including direct quotes in the paper. But how many direct quotes you can include before your paper is considered plagiarized just because it cites other resources (while referring to them)? Can you include even one quote without it affecting the originality of your essay? Can you use indirect ones or it would still be bad for your essay?

As any plagiarism tool is only a machine, there’s a big chance it won’t be able to tell the difference between properly cited content and a stolen one. That’s why it’s always better to check the uniqueness of a paper for yourself before submitting it.

Plagiarism checkers are also important when you order papers from essay writing services often. Though many of them, including ours, guarantee that a paper you order will be 100% plagiarism free, there are still plenty of less honest services online that offer students copied papers and ask money for them. So it’s always safer to check that a paper you purchased is original - and to know where you can find a software to do so!

Why should you use our plagiarism checker?

The plagiarism check software we offer checks each sentence of your paper one by one. It uses different search engines to scan it and to compare with a content that is already indexed. Another great thing about our software is that while it does help students identify plagiarism, it doesn’t save the content itself in a database. So you can run as many checks as you want without being afraid that it would affect the uniqueness of the content.

We also don’t require you to purchase a premium membership to use the full features of our software. We know how important it is for students to save money and so offer all the features for free. Of course, if you want, you may sign up for our newsletter to receive free updates about our plagiarism checker and its improvement, as well as receive useful paper writing tips - but that’s not obligatory and totally up to you to decide.

So if you want to ensure that your paper is 100% original even when you include direct quotes, don’t spend time looking for a plagiarism checker all over the Internet - just come to us right away and use our service to ensure your paper’s uniqueness. Using our tool is free and easy, so even if you didn’t use any plagiarism checker before, it would still be quite easy for you to understand and figure out.

We hope that you’ll like our free plagiarism check tool and that your plagiarism report will always show that your content is original!