Turabian Citation Generator

Written assignments are the central part of the curriculum, regardless of the academic level or the field of studies. Every student has to write quite a lot of those. Moreover, each paper needs to be not only well-written but also well-researched, but even that is only half of the job. You also need to format your paper in strict accordance with particular format requirements. This includes having all your citations and references correctly organized. This poses a challenge for many students because knowing how to format your paper according to this or that formatting style does not relate to the actual subject-matter of the paper. Nevertheless, a student has to learn these guidelines and requirements, even though they may seem both unimportant and confusing. A student cannot avoid this tedious task because when citations and references are not cited correctly, they may be regarded as unwarranted borrowings, i.e., plagiarism. For many years, students had to waste their time getting acquainted with formatting guidelines, but the situation has changed today! You can focus on your writing, and we will take care of the formatting!

What is Turabian Style?

In Turabian style, you mainly follow the same guidelines as with the Chicago style. The only difference is that the Chicago Manual of Style specifies that you can apply it to a specific set of publication different from those where Turabian style is applied. The latter is only used when writing dissertations or presenting works of other students. It aims at a very narrow audience and not for publishing in magazines or other media. Also, unlike with some other formatting styles, you do not need to have a Masters or Doctoral degree to write in Turabian.

What challenges does Turabian style pose?

Turabian style allows you to refer to your sources in the form of footnotes, endnotes, as well as on your bibliography page. As a student, you probably are already familiar with those because you have come across them in many papers. Creating your own, however, can be more complicated. For that, you need to be well-aware of all the specifications suggested by the Turabian citation and consult your tutor whenever anything is unclear to you. That is, you used to need that because now we have a much more convenient solution for you! You can just enter all the data about your sources into our automatic Turabian Citation Generator, and it will have all the citations and references ready for you correctly and promptly!

Our Turabian Citation Generator guarantees perfect adherence to formatting guidelines!
It is depressingly disappointing when you try your hardest to put together an excellent research paper and end up having your grade lowered merely because of a few misplaced commas in an endnote. It may seem like an inexplicable injustice to students, but – nevertheless – teachers still see non-observance of formatting guidelines as a valid reason for grading a paper lower than they would otherwise.

So, a student has to spend precious time and effort to scrutinize and memorize the correct placement of commas and other formatting details instead of focusing on studies per se. Fortunately, there is a better solution now! Our free Turabian Citation Generator will have all your citations and references perfectly formatted in no time! Simply enter the publication details of your reference and copy-paste the ready citation into your paper!