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Extended essays are probably one of the most important stages of completing your diploma. It is not simply utterly important, it is also really challenging. The greatest problem is for foreign students. An extended IB essay is the summary of certain tasks that need to be fulfilled to present a great essay based on the research conducted. Some students are not aware of the fact that extended essays actually make up 30% of their future diplomas. It is not possible to complete the course and get the diploma without completing this essay. We are convinced that all students look forward to getting good marks for their extended essays. We have enough experience in the sphere to know about the meaning of this type of written task for the overall academic IB success.

Some students continue underestimating the actual difficulty level of the international IB program. Especially they lack information about the types of essays that need to be written. Others are convinced that if they go through the first level then they will not face any problems with completing the whole course. Being self-assured is good as long as you do not overestimate your skills and experience. Here there is a high risk not simply to get a low mark but to fail in general. Please, do not choose the wrong path and think that you do not need to contribute your time and effort as you will manage it at any rate. Most of the failed students expected that an extended essay is just another type of written task and does not demand that much effort and attention. Sometimes they start to realize its meaning but it is too late to improve anything. This is the reason why it is so important to take a timely decision and complete this task relying upon professional help from our specialists.

The final stage of work with producing a good and well-formulated IB essay could be very stressful for most students. This is the reason why students planning to get this diploma should start looking for professional writing services on the Internet as a good opportunity to find a way out of the situation. Being one of them, do not forget that it is important to choose the best writing platform and not all of the available services will help you. There are enough essay writing services that promise to produce a well-written essay, but in reality, they fail to do it. The chosen platform needs to have writers who have a clear understanding of what an extended essay is. In reality, many of them have no idea what is needed to compose such an essay. You can predict the result of purchasing your essay from such a company. So, if you are searching for online support that could be really efficient, then apply for our team. We have created a team of reliable and strong writers who are able to manage the challenges of extended essays. provides perfect essay writing services with the function of widening professional writing skills. Our company was initially created as a professional organization and our writers know about the importance of producing only top-quality papers. They have learned the standards for IB essays and traced the possible updates in the sphere. We have both native speakers as our writers and ESL for those students, who do not have English as their native language. You can be sure that every order you place here will be treated with special attention and care.

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For many students, this part of their IB diploma is utterly difficult as it demands great resources. Organization of the work process, time management is only the tip of the iceberg in this case. Professional writers working for our company could be of sufficient help for students in the situation. Even if you know that your deadline is really close, you don’t have to worry, as the experience that our writers have will help you to do this work much quicker than you could expect. If you want to purchase IB extended essay then you are to contact our support service and send them your concrete request “help me to write my extended essay!” The earlier you do it, the better. We will have time to check your request, find the appropriate expert, and let him do the job.

The writing service package by our team includes a plagiarism check that is the key to the authenticity of your work. If you buy your extended essay here you are to be sure that your paper is free of plagiarism and there are no ideas developed by other people without referencing. Any student who becomes our client will have direct access to the writer, who was chosen to write his extended essay. Students are welcome to share their problems and ask their questions about essays as this will help them to be involved in the process of writing and know the topic. provides editing services for clients who purchase extended IB essays here.

IB students are expected to know everything about the topics that are given for making their choice. Before writing their extended essays students will be given the lists of these topics and they will have to choose the subject which is of the greatest interest to them. This is a good idea to choose the topic, but this does not mean that it will be much easier to write your extended essay. When you are ready with your topic you will have to perform a number of roles at once. For most students, one of the most challenging moments is shifting between the work of a researcher, writer, and editor. If you have doubts that you can perform at least one of these roles perfectly, then it is better not to risk.

At this moment you probably have already created a clear picture of what it means to write an IB extended essay. You will also have to consider a variety of important components of this type of writing. They include words limit, management of arguments and counter-arguments, related to the topic, and so on. Our task here is not to make you depressed and scared, instead, we want you to know about potential problems in advance and get ready for solving them. We are here to help you and to support you. We are aware of the fact that an extended essay is not an easy type of writing. One of the obligatory conditions is perfect English language knowledge. This is not a problem for native speakers, whereas foreign students might find themselves at a loss. professional writers know about this problem and possess the needed experience and skills to solve it. Writing an extended essay from scratch in English is not an easy task to complete as long as you continue trying to do it alone. It does not matter if you have several days or several hours left, you do not need to feel that stress and pressure. Our writers will do their best to meet your deadlines and demands. Even if you need urgent writing, do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. If you have any extra questions, contact our support service without wasting your time. You will always get a response from us and you won’t be left face to face with your writing problem.

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All students know what it is like when you feel constant pressure. The sources of this pressure could be different, either personal or professional. But the worst thing is that these daily problems might worsen the situation with writing your extended essay. Our professional writers have long-term experience and producing an extended essay is a part of their routine work and not something extraordinary as it is for most students who are to write it for the first time. Special attention needs to be paid to formatting, as it is also a constituent part of the final mark for the essay. Our writers will contribute their maximum effort to making your extended essay perfect.

There are enough writing companies nowadays on the Internet, so you need to know about the difference between and other writing services. We have a clear understanding of the actual difficulties experienced by the students. Our task is to make your life easier, as many students are to combine their education and work, they lack time and do not have time to rest. Time management here does not help much, as the problem is that there are too many tasks to be completed within a limited period of time.

We have another great offer for our customers who have problems with doing the research. Research is time–consuming and it could be easily performed by our professionals. You will have only to wait for the results of this research and get all the major information and data collected for you.

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  • Astronomy
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  • History
  • Human Rights
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Marine Science
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Physics
  • Politics
  • Psychology
  • Religion
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • The Arts
  • Theatre
  • Visual Arts
  • World Studies

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