Professional Copy Editing & Proofreading Services

Writing an article or an essay can be difficult, and if the article has to be written in English and the one writing it is not a native English speaker, things get even more complicated. Regardless of the topic of the article, the entire project has to be perfect, grammatically correct and error-free, especially if you are about to present your project in front of an audience, at a conference, to obtain a scholarship or funding. You need to ensure that your chances for success are the highest and for this reason, you need professional editing services from a reliable editor. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Our opinion on copy editing services

We believe that copy editing is not only about proofreading and correcting all typos and mechanical errors encountered in the document. It’s much more. It’s about ensuring that word choice is perfect, that the text is fluent, easy to read and understand and, most importantly, accurate. We pay great attention not only to the way the text is written, but also to the actual content of the text, making sure that you’ve selected the right words in order to express certain ideas. Of course, mechanical errors must be corrected immediately, but besides these, you also have to take care of stylistic issues. Believe it or not, such stylistic issues are the ones that can lose the essence of any powerful arguments or innovative ideas that you present in the article. It’s like all time you spent on writing the article, thinking about the most powerful arguments and trying to convince your audience through the ideas you present in your article would be in vain.

Who are our services meant for?

The past several years, we’ve been working with all sorts of people. This is how we learnt to adapt our style to the needs of each client. Thus, if you’re a student for instance and need editing services, we will first ask you who your audience is and whether we need to consider a certain academic style when editing. We will consider all requirements and will provide you with top quality services.

Worth mentioning is that our services are not only for students, but also for professors, writers, researchers and all other professionals alike. We don’t make differences in any way regarding the type of clients we have, their level of experience in writing and so on. We treat each and every one of them with professionalism, confidentiality and we show utmost importance to each document we need to edit.

Types of writing projects we can handle

Our copy editors are specialized in a range of fields, from astronomy, to mathematics, English literature, arts, music and many more. When you send us a document, we first revise it quickly to see what type of document we received and when we have everything cleared out, one of our editors will look further into it, identify all issues and correct them, while keeping the content intact.

Some examples of documents we’ve been handling in the past are:

  • Literary work, such as books, short stories, eBooks, manuscripts, plays and screenplays, poetry, you name it!
  • Business documents – blogs, memos, any type of blog content, manuals, business reports, press releases, marketing materials and so on
  • Personal documents – such as resumes, letters, speeches, emails etc.
  • Academic work – thesis and dissertation papers, term papers, journal articles, essays and many more.

One of the many traits that differentiates us from others is our strict confidentiality rules. You don’t have to worry that your documents will get to another people or “suddenly appear” on various sites, because that won’t be the case. We understand how important these documents are to you and we guarantee that no one except your editor will have access to them.