Professional English Language Editing & Proofreading Services

Every year it’s the same story – you stay up all night to write your English language paper as you’re out of time, you send it to a professor from your school or even to a college or university and it gets rejected due to poor grammar. We know it, many people have been through similar situations. Things get even more difficult if English is not your native language. This is when we come to your rescue. We provide editing and proofreading services of the highest quality and at probably the best price on the market.

Why you should submit your paper to us

First of all, because we have some of the best and most professional editors in the world! They are ready to handle any type of paper, any type of topic and any field. Yes, you read that well. To us, it doesn’t matter whether your paper comes from the medical field, the sciences, mathematics, literature or any other field you might think of. The only think we want you to do when submitting the paper to us is to actually specify these details, so that you can benefit from top quality editing and proofreading services. Mention the type of paper (thesis or dissertation, article, review, research paper etc.) and the area of expertise (medicine, English language and literature, astrology, social sciences etc.). The moment your manuscript gets to us, you’ll be assigned an editor with the same specialization as the subject and field you chose for your paper.

What else should you know?

When submitting a manuscript to us, besides details related to the type of document and the field related to it, you should also specify a deadline (when you want your paper to be done). Keep in mind that these details also have an impact on the final price, but worry not, as you will be informed of this from the very beginning. There’s a form on our site that allows you to calculate an estimated price for your paper, based on the criteria that were already mentioned – the type of paper, area of expertise, number of pages and deadline.

You should also know that confidentiality is one of our defining traits. We understand how important it is for your paper to not be shared to third parties, especially if it’s something revolutionary or something you discovered yourself and want to present it in front of an audience.

Worth mentioning is also that our editors are highly trained and have many years of experience in the field. They will pay great attention to your manuscripts, will revise them and ultimately edit and proofread hem.

In order for you to benefit from top quality services and obtain the desired results, it’s essential you give us as many details related to your paper as possible. Starting with the area of expertise you tackled in the paper, and going on with the style your paper is written in, as well as any criticism or feedback you received (if any) when you had your English language manuscript rejected, any of these would be of great help to our editors in the editing process.