Professional Manuscript Editing & Proofreading Services

You know that great feeling you get when you finally finish the first draft of your manuscript you’ve been working on so much lately, be it a short story, a fictional or nonfictional book. However, that feeling fades away quickly when you start thinking that there is still much more work to be done before you actually get to publish it. The market in this industry has become more and more competitive and people become more pretentious by the month. If you want to succeed in a fast-paced market, consider working with professional editors that can provide you manuscript critique and top-quality editing services. Our highly experienced and reliable book editors are always up to date with what the market is asking and know exactly what aspects of a book are worth improving in order to obtain the desired results.

In case you’re a beginner in writing, our editing services will help you get a much clearer idea of the aspects you should work on and will also maximize your chances to succeed in your writing career. Our editing services are also incredibly helpful for experienced writers, as they will benefit from objective opinions with respect to their writing style and their manuscripts, thus becoming better writers.

What you will receive from us

First of all, you’ll have to submit your manuscript to us and this can be easily done by uploading your manuscript and filling in a form where we require some details about you and your manuscript. Our editors will take a good look at it, edit every line in order to improve the flow, organization, and clarity of the paper, but without changing anything related to the content or authorial voice. All grammar and spelling errors, typos, and other types of mistakes will be corrected using the track changes tool. You will also be provided with a series of suggestions that are meant to help you improve not only your style of writing but also your point of view, tone, sentence structure or even word choice. Detailed critical commentaries will be included in the manuscript as well, all of these in order to improve your manuscript and increase your chances to succeed.

The types of manuscripts we can handle

We understand that your manuscript is special and unique, but most probably, it can be included in one of these categories:

  • Short stories, novellas or novels
  • Plays
  • Poetry
  • Nonfictional writing, such as biography, memoirs, etc.
  • Passages or chapters of longer nonfictional and fictional books

When you send us your manuscript, make sure you specify the category your text best fits in, because this will make our editors’ job easier. They will know which direction they should go in and from what point of view to work on it.

Your greatest fear right now might be that your manuscript gets out there on the market somehow, that someone does something wrong and posts it on the Internet. Well, we’re here to say that were it not for our strict rules on confidentiality and professionalism, we wouldn’t have gotten here in the first place. We’re eager to edit your manuscript!