Professional Personal Statement Editing & Proofreading Services

Personal statements can be found in many fields and they are one of the most important parts in the application process for a medical residency, a PhD or master’s program, a fellowship, law or any other graduate program you might think of.  A personal statement requires much more than stating a clear idea and being a good essay. It also requires excellent grammar and being well organized.

International students or graduates, researchers, or professors, they all might have been placed in the situation of writing a personal statement at some point. Whether you need some help in order to overcome cultural barriers or you’re simply seeking some sort of competitive edge, chances are you have already encountered many challenges in the process of writing the personal statement.

How can we help you?

We’re a group of professional and experienced editors that will bring your statement of purpose, as well as your personal statement to a whole different, yet correct, linguistic level. You should know that our services include both spelling and grammar check, as well as revision regarding the structure and logic of your statement, word use and sentence fluency. You should know that the great majority of people who have already resorted to our services have had their personal statements accepted and those who didn’t, either didn’t take into account our suggestions or chose not to resort to our services at all.

This is how we do it

Your personal statement has to go through a three-step process from the moment it is submitted to us till the moment it gets back in your hands. First of all, once you’ve filled in the form and send us your statement, one of our professional and well-trained editors will be assigned to review your personal statement. They will take a good look at it, maybe revise it more than once and then make some edits and changes to it. But worry not, because our editors know exactly what they’re doing. They have vast experience in the field and have already worked and discussed with many important people from high positions to find out what the most essential aspects are that they need to focus on when editing personal statements.

Once the editing process is finished, the editor writes a detailed and valuable essay critique, presenting you what chances they have made to your paper and why they made those changes. In case you agree to these suggestions, include them in your personal statement final version and you’ll significantly increase your chances to succeed.

To whom our personal statement editing services address

You should know that we don’t write personal statements from zero. These services we provide are only applicable for the following categories:

  • for people who have already finished writing their statement of purpose or personal statement drafts and need professional help from someone with expertise to edit and proofread their document
  • for those applying to college, MBA, a master or a PhD program and have already finished writing their personal statements, but need someone to substantially improve their documents and ensure they are fluent and clear
  • for those who need a professional to take a look at their personal statement and emphasize the essay’s weaknesses and strengths

We understand how crucial it is for personal statements to be well written, have excellent grammar and reflect the true self. That’s probably the reason why so many colleges and universities all over the world see these personal statements as a decisive selection criterion. Now that you’ve come to the right place, you’ll benefit from top-notch editing and proofreading services and will have the personal statement you wished for.