Professional Reports Editing & Proofreading Services

If you own a company, regardless of the industry in which you operate, you are aware about that report you have to make at the end of every year in which you have to specify your company or organization’s current economic condition. These annual reports consist of many written pages in which you present the audited financials, performance, types of activities and governance you company had throughout the fiscal year that has just ended. These reports are sometimes pieced together by employees of different departments or by different committees within that company. Once the report is done, it’s submitted to the Commission in order to be reviewed.

The pressure is high

The reason these reports are so important is that they can be shared to various shareholders or stakeholders, to potential investors or to future customers as promotional materials. As a result, it’s a must that these reports are not only true and reliable, but also grammatically correct. The ones responsible for writing the annual report have a lot of pressure on their shoulders, as they have to ensure that every information is correct both financially and grammatically.

These reports are used not only to illustrate the corporate health of the organization or company, but also to promote the services and products that company provides. One essential aspect those writing it have to consider is the transparency of the report, as well as the content, which has to be presented in a way that expresses candour.

Why resort to our editing and proofreading services

In most cases, the annual report of a company has to be written directly in or translated into English, especially if the company works at international level. In many cases, the ones who have to write it are not native English speakers and in the most unfortunate cases, they don’t even know the language. However, the report must be made. In such situations, the editing services of a professional are necessary.

The editor helps you correct all possible errors, whether they are grammatical, linguistic or stylistic errors, ensure that word choice is correct and that the main ideas are expressed clearly. These are things that non-native English speakers consider the most difficult, and in such situations the small things can make a huge difference.

But have no worry, because we are here to help you and to make sure that everything written in that annual report is in perfect shape grammatically, linguistically, and stylistically speaking.

What does our four-step process imply?

When we have to provide editing and proofreading services, we have a simple, yet highly efficient and organized four-step process that we follow.

  1. the submission part – here is where you have to do the work. At this phase, you’re the one in charge, because you have to send us the report you need editing services for. You can do this by simply completing a form where you give us more details about you, about the report and where you specify the deadline.
  2. the review part – this is the moment your document (in this case the annual report) gets to us. We take a few moments to review it in order to get a clearer idea on what it is about.
  3. the editing part – this is the actual part that you have been waiting for, the part where your report actually gets edited. An editor specialized in the same field as the one tackled in the document (the field, most probably, is finances) is assigned to handle your report and correct every error found in it.
  4. sending back – the last but most important part of this process is when you receive the document which now is edited, proofread and error-free. At this moment, you’re in charge once again, because you are advised to take a look on the edited document and see whether or not you have any questions related to it. In case you do, we’re happy to answer them.

Overall, in case you want to make sure that the annual report is free of grammatical errors, typos and any other mistakes, the best thing to do is to opt for professional editing and proofreading services, and ours are of the highest quality.