Professional Research Paper Editing & Proofreading Services

You’ve been spending a lot of time (several months or even years) on writing an exceptional research paper on a specific topic. And the time to publish it has come. You know that publishing it in English instead your native language will significantly increase the chances to have the paper read by a lot more people from all over the world. But what do you do if English is not your native language and you aren’t proficient in it either? That’s the moment you have to come to us and ask for our help.

How will we help you?

A reputable journal editor or researcher gives as much importance to the content of their research paper as to an error-free document. Things get a bit complicated when you have to proofread the translated version of the document, though. But don’t worry, because that’s why we’re here – to ensure that your document is free of any grammar errors, that the word choice is perfect and the writing style matches the type of the document. We will have an editor assigned to your research paper right away. The editor will review the document and search for any possible error. These errors will then be corrected and the edited document will be sent back to you for a final revision from you. You might also be provided with some comments based on the writing style used in the research paper, or on other aspects the editor found relevant and important to consider in order to improve your research paper.

Why resort to us?

First of all, one of the main reasons why our services are worth a shot is that we don’t change the content of your document in any way, as it happens in the case of other companies. We handle strictly the grammatical and linguistic errors we find in the document (in case there are any!) and we leave the rest untouched. Thus, nothing from your paper is altered in any way.

The second important reason why you should choose our proofreading and editing services is that we have professional editors who have vast experience in editing all sorts of documents, not only research papers, but also thesis and dissertation papers, articles, term papers and many more. Each editor is specialized in a specific domain, which is why only an editor that has expertise in the same field as your research paper will handle your document. Thus, you can rest assured that the editor knows what is being discussed in that document and will pay attention to every small detail, including checking whether or not the word choice is correct.

Thirdly, we have very strict rules with respect to confidentiality. We understand that it’s important to our clients that no one sees or has access to their documents, especially if they are about to publish them in the near future. Thus, the only person who will have complete access to your research paper during this time will be the editor. Once the document is done editing, you will receive the final version in no time.